Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gooly's mandarin

When looking for a kindie for Gooly, I asked my good friend, "Eh, where is good?" And I went to the one she recommended. Had a shufti and registered him.

And then it was time to prep him for his Chinese education. So I asked my SIL, "Eh, who is good?" And I hired the tuition teacher she recommended.

Geminis are painstakingly cincai like that.

Thank goodness Gooly is the sort to make lemonade when given onions. I must say I am impressed with his improvement in learning the new language. Of course I must thank my father who is anal about chinese grammar. He speaks amicable Mandarin with Gooly - "liao" is forbidden. ("liao" is akin to our manglish "lah"). But naturally Gooly switches to ma and la when speaking to nainai, which I find adorably cute cos they come with an accent.

This morning was the first time I eavesdropped his conversation with his tuition teacher. He was telling her everything under the sky in Mandarin. And he seriously enjoys speaking that language.

Of course I was grinning from ear to ear, listening to his silly banters.

Wo yeh yeh chu jio kong ying wei yau juen chien... (My grandpa goes to work to earn money.)

Bu ger yi lang fei _______. Lang fei bu hao.. (Do not waste food. Wasting is no good. There is a blank cos I had forgotten the word 'food' in mandarin. Tee hee!)

At the rate he is going, I should consider enrolling him in Icelandic classes, which apparently is the most difficult language to learn.



Kementerian Pendedekan. said...

next year syllabus, all chinese classes will be taught in BM, fyi.

sinkaringam said...

Bu ger yi lang fei _______. Lang fei bu hao..

A) Han Bao Bao
B) Fujian Chao
C) Nian Aw Tang
D) Chiao Ker Lik
E) Jia Siang Ji

goolypop said...

Kementerian Penenenkan

the whole idea of learning mandarin is so he can order sizhuan jarjiang mein when he goes to daiwan next time..

goolypop said...


it was.. tarfeiji..

i think it must be big fat chicken hoh... ??!!

smallkucing said...



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