Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I noticed that Gooly, being a keen observer himself, has been calling people crazy. Well, yeah.. everyone is either loco or maniacal, but that doesn't warrant him the right to call people as such so honestly and openly. You never know what crazy people might do (I'm one of them).. *skull drilling sound*

So I put a stop to it. No more calling people crazy.

Yes mama. Sure mama. Ok mama.

But being a neologist or a word-smith, if you like... he somehow rounded up his brain cells and started to coin his own words (again) which are synonyms to 'crazy'.

He has done that before, making up the word Kum-Seng (to describe people like YOU, YOU and YOU!) but reverted to plain ole 'crazy' recently.

And then this time is 'cray'.

It's an adjective which you can use to describe your mother in law.

"Your momma is so cray.. she makes Britney and Lady Gaga look normal."*

Ahh... isn't it cool????

So now he still calls people crazy.. but it's just people do not know (except you).. which makes him safer, I think.

*we are not responsible if you are scratched off the inheritance after the usage of "cray".


Gargles said...


goolypop said...

nah.. u make fun, u kenot use that word to describe ur..u know who..


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