Thursday, September 23, 2010

I don't know you anymore!

Three months ago, things were fairly simple.

I got hungry, I ate.

Or sometimes I didn't.. (because Miss World is coming up).

Now, at present...things are a bit tricky.

Sometimes I feel hungry.... hang on.. that's not it.. It's just the wind. Proot.. Oei? The feeling of hunger (but not really) is still there.

Must be my panty is too tight.

Can't be.. it's 10 years old and losing its elasticity, remember?

Oooh... I know! It's the bra.. Duh.. Let's unhook. Never mind that I am in supermarket. Those boobs deserve a swim in the cups.

Sigh... the 'funny' (funny as in stupid even Einstein can't describe) feeling lingers.

Ok, fine, I will just order some chicken because there is nothing else to do.

Chicken comes.

Nah.. I don't feel like eating.


Goolymama, I can't stand you! Just go to sleep and forget about everything else.

But I can't sleep.....!

Maybe the panty is too loose...(oboi, here we go again)

To lolly.

So I was lying on the bed, tummy exposed. Prof. spread some cool jelly on my super (you- better-believe-it) slim tummy. I put my two hands behind, supporting my head. Totally relaxed.

"Oh the news on Susilawati is really terrible huh..?" Prof. said, making conversation as he put the vibrator...*hahahah.* What's that called? Scanner? Ok.. the scanner on my (do you believe now?) super slim tummy.

And there....Lollypop was doing a back flip sommersault!

Ok not so much of a sommersault. But prof. did say, "Oh, did you see that?!" and we both laughed, leaving the conversation of Susilawati aside.

I guess he/she was saying hello. Or boringly speaking, it could be that he/she was startled at that scanner jabbing into his/her territory.

But hormonly speaking -ah.. this lil fler is always doing something to get attention. Ever since I knew of his/her existence, she/he had made his presence known. My ma said, "Where got so soon? You shouldn't be feeling anything now!' But I'm telling ya! I feel it... The weight..the funny feeling.. and sometimes a little tickle followed by a loud fart.

I mean, its not like Baby is doing all the stunts.. But somehow he/she managed to manipulate my body system to send me the message of "Yoo hooo! I am in here.. It's dark and lonely...lonely...lonely..(echo)." all the freaking time.

As there was another patient waiting to use the machine, prof. passed me the images to hold. Usually he just clipped them on the 7 inches thick file.

And usually its a blob which I can't tell head or tail limbs.

But this time.. as I sat, staring at that black and white image, I was totally mesmerised.

I could see its head, femur, back bone, and little hands. The head was slightly bowed, the hand tucked under, leg bended at the knee. If I tilted my head slightly, it looked as if he/she was in a praying position.


But of course, if I rotate it a bit, the image looks just like a slice papaya on a plate.


Babies are quite a miracle, eh?

As I drove home, a temple was hanging up red lanterns. Of course, for the preparation of the upcoming lantern parade this week end. But I'd like to think, everyone is celebrating that Lolly is ok thus far.. :*)

To Lolly (I swear you can choose your own name later, ok?), everytime I see you on screen, I love you a little bit more. As of yesterday, the heart has been filled up to the brim - the feeling of awe and love. I guess when I see you in person, it will be over-spilling eh? Can't wait for that.

And every time I see your longer limbs, bigger head circumfrence, stronger heart beat, I say, "You go, child! Keep on thriving! Mama is already proud of you.. "

We don't care what the prof. said, eh? We are gonna be alright..

One question though, why do you like Nasi Kandar so mucho? *sratch head*

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gooly dances

We got a new CD in the player.

I think my mom rummages thru the neighbour's garbage when she goes for her morning walks. Otherwise, why would there be a non-original pasar malam MODERN TALKING CD in my house?

Anyways, Modern Talking...the songs I know are Brother Louie~ Louie~ Louie~ and Yamahait Yamaso~ but neither of the songs came on after 3 or 4 songs. I was beginning to suspect that it wasn't Modern Talking after all because the singer sounded like a cross between Cher and Anita Mui.

Not that Gooly minded. He was dancing himself silly. It was hard not laugh. Despite me being a Jiggy Queen, my son alas did not inherit my dancing genes. His movements were stiff and too complicated. Out of the blue, he would throw an inappropriate kungfu kick. And then an awkward split in the air. The robotic moves were alright but a tad too predictable.

So Simon-Cowell-mom was in her usual position, lying on the bed, having a gala time hurling insults some cool dance moves. {shake your bon bon..yeah..that's right..shake it!} And then..

..he outstretched his hand and said, "Dance with me, Mom."


I was really lazy but how often do you get invited to dance by your son? Knowing that the next time he ask will be during his wedding day, or maybe not?

What the heck.. I put on my dancing shoes and did a silly twirl with my son.

When I have more energy next time, I will teach him the Y.M.C.A. (and then he will know not to ask me to dance, ever again!)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It was probably 10plus.
We read some books.
He was tucked in bed, the upper bunk.
We said our nightly oath of love, and I turned on the laptop for some other chats.
He said, "Wait!" and he clambered down.
That's a lot of work, to be climbing up and down, especially when one is already in cute snuggly jammies.
"Are you trying to delay bedtime?" I queried with my eyes.
Not quite, I realised.
He fluffed up a pillow and placed it behind me.
Ahh.. it sure was comfortable.
But he said, "Wait!" again.
"What now, mister-i-am-not-sleepy?"
He replaced the pillow with his, one that is not smelly but soft.
"Oh no, that's yours. It's more comfortable. You sleep with it."
"No, Mom.. You take it. It's full of my love."
And he gave me a peck on the cheek.
Climbed up again.
Said "Good Night" one more time.
"I love you"another.
Lastly, "Good night baby.."

It was, I must say, a great way to end the day.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Xiao Loong

Brought the boys out to buy tanglung just now.

I was pretty excited as well. When I was a wee lil kid with ponytails, I always chose a bunny wabbit lantern.

And so there were rows and rows of colourful lanterns hanging from atop. We craned our necks to choose - ultraman, power ranger, doraemon, bumble bee...and others.

So which one did Gooly choose? Give you a hint: his cuz chose Bumble Bee the non-insect but robotic car.



I tell you.. Gooly is a traditional person. He chose the oldest design- one that dated probably way back when they first made lanterns.

I would have gone ballistic if he had fancied those battery operated ones. So there..a dragon with a wobbly head named Xiao Loong. I'm secretly pleased with his choice because of its rustic charm.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gooly likes Shanghai Tang..

You know, Michael Buble has said that his greatest influence in music would be from his grandfather.

It would seem kinda cool, to me, say.. if Gooly grows up and says that he got his influence from his yeh yeh (not to say that he is gonna be famous like Buble cos Gooly strums no guitar, plays no keyboard, and sings like his mom.)

I know he spends some arvos in yehyeh's room, listening to his gramaphone Lin Dan, Koo Mei and a few more artistes' CDs from the 50s. Or 40s, I am not so sure.

And my mom has been harping to get a Cd player in the room cos she claims that Gooly likes music a lot. Their kind of music, mind you.. which was very peculiar.

Anyhoo, we got a player now in the room. And Gooly plonked in the CD.

Gawd... the first time I heard the CD.. I was like...wut the fooooot??? It was sooooo depressing! C'mon Gooly! Let's go get some BEP! (No no no no..don't phunk with my heart!)

But nooooo.... he insists on some melodramatic chinese songs before he goes to sleep.

Well, the thing is.. after a few times, the tunes kinda etch on you. Kinda nostalgic.. kinda makes you form a connection with your fore fathers. I think he listens to them cos he wants to be close to his yeh yeh.

I dunno.. or he is just a weird kid with peculiar taste in music.

Here, if you are writing a sob story and need some background music to suit the mood...

KFchee chat

I love chatting with Gooly, seriously I do.

Today being the first few days of the school holidays, and an off day for me, I hauled my ass out of the house to bring him to KehEpChee. He wanted a Chickedee Meal.

He had a nasty habit of eating his nuggets and gulping down Coke after each bite. Kinda yucky..Anyways, I was telling him that I enjoy his company all the time cos..well, it's nice talking to him.

..and I added that he doesn't whine. He is always laughing. I like being with happy people, I said.

"Anyone that you don't like to be with?" he asked with a mouth full of coke and nuggets.

That caught me off guard, I admit cos I wasn't sure if I was ready to gossip with him.

"Anyone?" he prodded again.

"Well........there is one.. "

"Have I met him or her? Just tell me the name.."

"Uhm.. it's a girl." and I told him her name.

"Why don't you like her?"

"I don't think she is nice. She says unpleasant things."

"Uha..." and he munched more nuggets and gulped down more Coke. "She will learn her lesson one day.." he continued nonchalantly.

"Huh? Who? What lesson?"

"Your friend.. She will learn not to say bad stuff to you."

"Oh.. I hope so. Maybe..I don't know.."

There was a brief silence.

And then he started to attack the cheesy wedges. His chin was all stained with yellow-orange cheese.

"So you gonna be her friend again? When she is not bad?" he continued talking.

"You mean like forgive her?"

"Yeah.." he wiped his chin, signalling that the meal was done.

"I suppose I should.." I ended the discussion as well. He looked satisfied with his meal. And I am equally happy with the lil serious chat.

Sometimes I wonder if he is really 5.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

He is home

Everything is swell when he is home. The birds chirp. The sun is kind. The kids laugh.

Simple pleasures in life. A walk at the park. Roti canai at Kayu.

You can take away his toys.. take away his books. You can't take away that smile. The smile reserved for his papah.

Every month, he is what we look forward to.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


The other day, I had a missed call from a friend. As usual, it's very habitual of me not to answer any callers on their first call - something I really have to resolute to change.

Anyways, it turns out that my friend hurt her back.. it was so painful she thought she was dying (kwacheong-ly speaking) and decided to call me to tell me that, should anything happen to her, I am on her list to inherit her Chanel 2.55.

She was joking, of course.

But it's kinda sweet that she thinks of me when in pain, and could actually plant a joke which only bagwhores like us understand.

Life is short. We should really laugh a little louder - find friends who can make us laugh.

And cry.

Later on, I received an sms which told me that another blogger whom I admired for her courage and positive outlook on life had passed on.

She once blogged she had cried for a stranger who succumbed to cancer though she didn't know his name.

And now, I bet hundreds of blogger stranger friends are crying for her.

I always believed when you have touched and made a difference in ONE, single person's life, it means you have led a fruitful life.

And Lisa has touched so so many, including mine.

To Lisa, a true Beauty of the World.

"Death may be the greatest of all human blessings." - Socrates.

Rest well, dear Lisa.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Come on! How can..

So malam tadi semasa I nak jalan pi kereta Ferari I yang merah jambu, I pun passing sama itu gerai makanan. I jalan di samping anak teruna I yang hansem macam A.R. Badul.

Tetiba sorang pakcik yang sedang menghirup rokok Dunhil sebatang tu berteriak, "Eh, dia tu laki ke pompuan?"

So I pun bertoleh ke arah beliau lalu berkata, "Aku ar?"

Hiak hiak hiak.

Beliau cepat cepat menyambut, "Anak you lah! Aku tau you pompuan!"

So I pun kata-lah, "Laki -lah!"

He also ketawa terbahak bahak. "Kiut! Apasal rambut panjang? Body dia tegap macam laki lah. Tapi muka macam ahmoi lah....."

Aparah...muka macam nie macam ahmoi.. Then ma very hodohs??

P.s That pakcik very free oh? But this is the 3rd time in this week, people doubted about Gooly's chromosomes make-up. Why boys cannot have longish hair in Malaysia? Like them. Not that I am so fashion-lah.. I just happen to be very busy becos of Merdeka celebration.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ke- 6

Only 6 weeks?

Ah well.....

When I saw the little tot's heart beat, it's like falling in love all over again.

Hello, Lollypop! :)

I'm so sleepy..

As for now.. every day, between 1pm - 3pm, my system will be on complete shut down mode. Nothing will stir my slumber..not even when there is a sale at LV stores. (Hello? You think I Lulu ah? LV never have sale ok??)

Thank goodness that Gooly has been an understanding bloke. Everytime that I can't do something (like the cartwheels) he states the obvious - "Pregnant, huh?" and his expression as wise as a sage.

As I undressed him the other day for a bath, I stiffled a yawn. "You look tired, Mom.." Yawn yawn yawn yawn... "I guess I am, son."

And here it comes, the wise words of a 5 year old - "Pregnant, huh?"

And then he added, "It's ok Mom. Why don't I bathe myself? You go rest."

Ooh.. ok.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Oh before that.. *melts*


"Baby has ears yet?"

(No-lah but..) You got anything to say?

"Yeah!" and he made a funnel with his hands, and shouted down my goolypop - "Bryan is notti.. you don't play with him, ok? What you doing? Sleeping? Wake up!!!"



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