Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pre-Christmas 2010

A couple of weeks back, I brought Gooly to a toystore at a remote place which mainly sells 'play 1,2 days, and then put 1,2 corner' toys. The idea, as of every year, was for him to pick and choose his christmas pressie.

If one day, my dream of conquering the WORLD comes true, I would bring him to Toys R Us. Meanwhile, Kedai Mainan Man Chong will have to do.

It was easy for him to choose few years back. Anything with lights and sounds delighted him. This year, it took a bit longer. He was making his rounds up and down the aisles, hoping to find a 'miracle' amidst dusty boxes with big clear words of MADE IN CHINA under the mis-spelled word of Untaman.

I was getting ready to leave to bring him to the next destination - the bookstore.. (Oh, somebody give me THE MOST BORING MOM award already!)

..but something at the corner got his attention. He picked it up gingerly and with wide eyed expression, he exclaimed, "Mom! This is what I have always wanted!"

The first thing I did was to zoom into the price tag. Ouch! A bit pricier than I originally allocated. But what the heck...It's what he has always wanted!!

We bought it, wrapped it up, and he patiently waited till yesterday.

After dinner, he ripped the wrapper (which I didn't buy, but used Toys R Us catalogue instead as a sign of protest against Bourgeoisie gifts :P and of course, for enviroMENTAL sake). It was evident that it was what he wanted in his 5 years 11 months 23 days of life. He put it on his wrist, turn on the power sound, and escaped into a world of fantasy where he triumphed over morphed-raksasa for a few good hours.

When he went to sleep later that night, I pried his powerful destructive weapon off his hand. He loved it that much that I seriously was giddy with happiness that he found what he always wanted!

One day, son.. Mom will bring you to Toys R can choose whatever you want.

One day.. when Mom overtakes the Walmart empire..

(Aiyah..he not so cham lah.. My mil and sil really bring him to Toys R Us to choose whatever he wants a few times a year that I find it quite pointless and meaningless for me to further indulge him with expensive toys. Not to say that our toys collection make it seems like we are living an annex to Toys R Us...but I do think he has enough. )


dr sinkaringam said...

u think with the last paragraph we will NOT report you to Talian Dera at 1-800-333-DERA??

haven't u read the news lately that alot of made in china toys are toxic??

you know what risk u r putting your son into by buying cheap toys??

*softer tone* what is Bourgeoisie gifts?

goolypop said...

dr! You think Toys R Us toys made in utopia ah?

*louder tone* Bourgeoisie gifts mean gifts from the country Bourgeo lah!

tuti said...

my favorite toys are toys bought from mamah kedais. honest.
i remember them with fondness.
plastic doll with cheap clothes.
plastic arrows and bow.
er.. any plastic toys i guess kkkk.

you inculcate good habits in gooly lah. it's not the price. but you know that already. :)

Small Kucing said...

once a year more place put toy buy bigger house lor :p

Gargles said...

He just knew you were about to take him to a bookstore laa, it was the last second decision than landing himself another kamus/dictionary. Good work, gooly!

goowey plop said...

tuti, ooh.. u didnt see thru the KIAMSIAP demeanor ah..gud for you..

skucing, once a year? birthday yau gum kong...children's day also.. world's aids day summo...1malaysia also...endless woi..

gargles..u know what is dictionary meh? dun see the word dic and assume u know wor..

Mamapumpkin said...

When I was young, I had 2 Cindy dolls, some toys soldiers (those green army ones) and some Matchbox cars. Look at what T1 has today!!! I'm determined to get rid of all her toys except for the doll house, the Thomas train set and the baby/household set. To hell with everything else!

BTW, Merry Christmas to you and the family! We will see you real soon!

ps - That SY ar....she...she....I think she likes dicks....*nods head*


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