Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The bicycle story

What Gooly is riding now would be his 4th bicycle.

The first one was a yellow canary three wheeler, which he rode to the swimming pool at the old mooban.

ANd then he was upgraded to a four wheeler. An ultraman one. Bought at JJ mall. When he was 4. He continued riding with training wheels until he came back here. (The bike is still at the balcony in BKK covered with rust and dust)

And then I asked for a free bike from whomever wanting to get rid of theirs. I got a spinner BMX. When he saw it, he cried.

Not tears of joy, mind you.

But cos it was too big. For a 5 yr old. There was no way he could cycle it. Bah!

So we bought him a white beauty. There was a bell. And to decorate it, we have a skull with beaming eyes that goes around one of the spokes. But it also came with training wheels. Bah! To be frank, it was slightly oversized but hey, we want it to last a lifetime. Well.. at least till he is 12.. and then to be passed on to someone else (we didnt know Lolly will come along).

So he rode happily at 20 mph, and 10mph at humps.*face palm.  He was definitely not a biker material.

At 6, i said, "Son, its time for you to drive solo. And to pick up your speed to at least 50mph."

He tried and failed, and lost interest. Suddenly it was too hot, too cold, too tired, too scary, too whatever to ride a bike.

At 7, I said, "Son, you gotta ride it. It's the best thing that you will ever learn. Chicks dig boys with bicycles... not quad-cycles"

He tried. He struggled. He failed. I was disappointed that he wasnt determined enough. And then the tyre got punctured. Co-incidence-nyer.... Dunno if HE punctured it or not.

So we left him and the bicycle for a while. Everytime I said to bring it to the shop to fix it, a response of a very tak semangat "ok-eh" came.

Finally, today after selecting the date from the chinese almanac, and double confirmed with the Book of Fengshui, I have the tyre replaced, and sent him out to learn it by hook or by crook.

Heheh...Actually I was very cheer-leaderish. At every full cycle of the pedals, I clapped and encouraged. He was trying very hard. He perspired. He gripped the handle till his knuckles turned white.

I wasnt even sure if my technique was right. I just said, pedal quick, look in front, relax, relax your shoulder, dont worry, you are doing great, balance your body..

and VOILA! He did it!

I jumped with joy literally. Hooray hooray hooray!

Learning to dip his head into the pool was hard. But man...this bicycling was the biggest hurdle. When i saw him tumbling time after time, my heart was heavy.. I almost wanted to say, "Let's go home. We'll try another day. Or maybe you dont need to ride a bike in your life."

But i didnt.

I kept the spirit of YOU CAN DO IT.

And when he did it.. he was so tremondously proud of himself. The feeling must have been awesome. To try and try and try (for years) and to finally made it. He told me, "Failure is the mother of success." Truly, without failure, success is nothing.

So i guess we have another activity to add into our evening fun.

And oh, Lolly was being all supportive of her brother by sleeping soundly in the car during that hour. When she woke, she eye-witnessed her bro's inaugural 100 meter cycle-ton. Perfect!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The little game

EVery night before dozing off to sleep, Lolly and I play this silly game invented by herself.

She would catch something with her bare hands and hold it in her closed palms. It is all pretend, of course. To humour her, I ask, "What did you get this time?"

Sometimes she says it's a butterfly. Well, she cant say 'baherfy' yet..but she gestures the creature by crossing her hands, and making wings with her fingers while interlocking her thumbs. Darn cute.

Sometimes she catches a star and put it in my palm and ask me to 'kwiggly' close it.

Yesterday, she caught..

A KOCKOJ! (cockroach). ANd when my mouth was agape, she popped it into my mouth and shrieked with laughter. Oh she was wickedly funny. Or was it funnilly wicked?

But then, as her 2nd birthday draws nearer, I was so afraid of the infamous terrible twos phase. I thought she was so going to ACE that stage. But to my pleasant surprise, she has some-what mellowed down. She is, as of now, all pretty and nice and all that spice. She listens to instructions better, talks oh so cute and she sways her hips when she walks.

ANd she stops, looks over her shoulder and gives coy smiles.

Just like Princess D. Hehe..

Just today, she cleans up her puzzles, without prompting..She said, "kukap" (clean up), put all the pieces into the box, hung the box over her shoulder like a bag, and waved and said, "babai" to me, and swayed her hips left right left right to the toy chest.

And she has also become more sympathetic. To herself. Like when she fell, she consoled herself saying, "Nehmind" (never mind). Or when I coughed, she said, "U oteh?" (You ok?) while putting a concerned arm over my shoulder. I would have stopped coughing if her over-dramaly face of concerned was not so funny.

Her face is really funny. She has a button nose. Small eyes. Puffy lids. She looks like a Korean boy who cries when his ice cream drops on the ground.

See what I mean? BTW, she feels like a champ wearing that goggles. Especially so when it's on her forehead. Man.. then she is INVINCIBLE!

Brotherly love

There is this book which Gooly writes/draws loads of stuff in it. Mainly sketches of go-knows-what and blue prints of the next greatest inventions. I was flipping through it the other day, and found that there was a mini quiz. There were some basic questions and then there were boxes of answers by people who are honoured to have been asked.

What is your favourite sound?

He knew me so well that under Mom's column, he has written 'the sound of violin'.

What made me really smile was HIS favourite sound.

...... it is 'the sound of laughter from my baby sister.'

He really adores that girl. Another time, she was fast asleep in the car seat. He peeked at her the moment he climbed into the car, and commented, "Her face is so cute when she is sleeping.. I like her eyelashes when her eyes are closed."

And of course he has to make another crucial point, "I dont like it when she screams.."

Yeah me neither.

Lolly, how lucky of you to have the dearest koko.

Monday, March 18, 2013

my secretary

One day, my phone rang. If you know me, I almost dont answer the phone every time it rings. So notorious I am for this unintentional fame that people say, "Wow! You pick up your phone!" in mock admiration when I do.

So that day, I was rescuing a cat from a mouse, when the phone rang and I asked Gooly to answer it. He was one step too late, the phone has stopped ringing its "Shanghai Bund" tune. Never mind, I said. They would have expected an unanswered call.

Much later, I checked the missed call (err.. it must have been after 99 hours or so). I realised that Gooly has typed and sent an sms to the caller.

"Sorry, busy now. Will call you later."

Awesomeness! I have an in house secretary that make empty promises on behalf of me, with full of diplomacy.

Also, he has been using my phone to call the tuition teacher whenever he gets stuck with homework. The teacher would reply via sms, so that he can read the chinese words. I never bother much with what she writes cos.. duuh not like i can read chinese. And one day, I ter-accidentaly read the messages.

Relax......no hanky panky.

I see that Gooly has actually replied each of her smses with "Thank you" or "Have a nice day."

That is nice. Something he does without prompting.

Ring ring.. ring ring... alo?

On the other hand, if you hear "alo" or deep breathing when you call me, that would be Lolly.

Friday, March 15, 2013

His Best Weapon

Quite often Gooly asks me, "How do you think your day is going to be like?"

The first time he asked, I felt odd. But to humour him, I answered nonetheless with something along the line of "Gee.. I dunno. I was tired but when i saw your smile the moment you woke up, I thought it was gonna be good"

And i asked, "Why? How is yours going to be like? Anything interesting happening?"

And the wise-o said, "If i think its going to be great.. it will be great."

And he smiled that great smile.

Today I woke up late. Thus he woke late. And we were all late. Bummer! I forgot to iron his shirt. There was no bread. I had to shit. His socks misplaced. Groan.. dare I say, it's gonna be a baaad day.

And yet..he hopped off the car at the school gate ala Jims Bong with a big wave and smile. It's tgif! Nothing is gonna spoil it for him. Not shitty mom.. barfing sister..stale biscuits.

And when I pick him up from school..every day, I ask, "How was your day?"


Seriously dude? I dont think schools are such blasts. You high or sumting, son?


OK-lah.. I just think he has a positive outlook on life. Why dread something that you have to do day in day out? That I gotta learn from him.

Random activity whilei waiting for Mr. Sunshine home - Listening to Beatles with Lolly. Coolsome!


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