Monday, August 2, 2010

Proud Me

Today was the first day Gooly went back to school after two weeks hospital get-a-way and home recovery.

It seems that he misses school and his friends.

When I went to pick him up, the 'laozhi' told me that the class had learned an extensive list of words, which Gooly of course doesn't know yet. Thus, he appears to be at lost during lessons.

Oh yes, I have anticipated this.

And then the teacher continued, "Usually he is the first to read out the chinese words, but today he looked worried that he doesn't know them.. I told him not to worry, he will catch up soon."

Oh.... I didn't know that - that he always tells out the answers. I always thought that he was doing OK in school.. But hearing this means he is doing much better than I thought. If I dug more, there should be more smart alec tales.Contohnya he spelt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by himself during pee break.

*dream on*

Ah.. me is proud yo.


Gargles said...

back home now, you had better churn out more stories out lor. you know how awful it is to have nothing to sabo anot?

claire said...

is that his teacher? peace!! eh..gooly looks so lengchai already hor..

goolyma said...

gargles.. its gonna be hard for u to lok-sau..cos seriously, he hasn't been pushing ahpor into drains for a long long time liao...

claire, yep.. thats the tinchan wuutpoot hor-oi laozhi.. Gooly all the way dou gey lengchai gaa.... its just that I always choose the ugliest pics to show u guys nia..

sinkaringam said...

hi fanny!!


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