Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let's play, Gooly

I have said many times (or have I not) that Gooly loves playing masak masak. With high hopes, I went to the Ikea to check if DUKTIG kitchen stove was on sale last month. Of course it wasn't. Still a hefty Rm388. Dang!

I haven't bought any kitchen appliances for him cos I couldn't find any which are 'manly' enough. There are all sissy pink and pondan purple {and ridiculously priced}, save for one cute little blue rice cooker bought by Liucas' parents. :)


Recognise this toy? Yup, it's from Ikea. Instead of the usual motorcyle, airplane, helicopter assembly, Gooly has made them into masak masak toys.

Taddaaa... A coffee mug with straw and a coaster.

And he also made us play DRIVE THRU with him where we have to place our order thru the speaker:

Him: What whould you like to order? Set A or B?

Me: Set A - Nasi lemak

Him: Nasi Lemak is Set C.

Me: *roll eyes* (as if he really had a menu already!) Ok, fine. Set C. No chillies please.

Him: Ok.

*shuffles about to prepare meal*

Him: Set C done.

Me: Hey, I said NO CHILLIES! (Training him to face loonies in the outside world)

Him: Ya, I did as you said. No chillies.

Me: It's spicy. I don't want it.

Him: NO! I didn't put any chillies.

Me: Customers are always right. Don't argue with me..

Him: Oh..... *in a robotic voice* There-is-no-chillies-you-are-wrong..

You see, he thought if he were a robot, he wouldn't offend a customer by insisting that he is right.

Which is true... I mean, how do you argue with a robot?

Teehee! I love playing with Gooly.

Gambar hiasan


tuti said...

but .. i want chillies!! :D

goolypop said...

ok..extra chillies and ais bandung for u..:D

Mamapumpkin said...

Is Gooly on school holidays right now? Should get them together again. Instead of getting the Ikea kitchen, why don't you get the utensils first? They are pretty damn cool! Ok, next time I go Ikea, I will lookout for it.

goolypop said...

MP, School hols will end tomorrow (thursday) but dec kambing.. so can circle play date on calender.. :)


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