Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lizard, You Die!!

There is a lizard staying under the lazy susan in my kitchen for yonks! Gooly decided to build a contraption to trap it.

First he did the neccessary research: "Mom, what do lizards eat?"

That would be mozzies, I think.

Then he quickly put his ideas on blueprint.

Tadaa..Presenting the patented Super Fast Canon Lizard Trap!

Stupid image wouldn't be turned..Just tilt your head-lah, ok? Those ketul ketul are not shits..but clouds.

From what I understand:
1. it's a machine which runs on Solar power.
2. it's shaped like a canon, works like a canon, shooting out a net to capture the lizard.
3. there will be some mozzies in a basket to lure the lizard

Stupid image wouldn' I repeating myself here? Say, I am!

Each parts are labeled accordingly. I like that he has been very thorough with his design- putting in wheels and a handle to push it.

When he was done designing, I gave him a two thumbs up! Impressed indeed I was. But then he asked for a fund and a trip to the hardware shop to materialise his creation. Dang! Son, I thought we play-play only..


Gargles said...

you need to pay me and the rest of the faithful readers now to go tit-dar for the neck pain, dammit!

(very good artwork, gooly! 8 thumbs up from this side!)

reanaclaire said...

cis... me too la... already neck pain, now pain-er...

i want to see what he writes also cannot...

tuti said...

haha, your readers very funny.
i tried clicking to make it bigger so that i can read. now i join the q for neck and eye massage.
your son is going to be an engineer.
if comes true, pay me for prediction.

goolyma said...

you all complain summo, next time i put MY pictures only!!

smallkucing said...

wah ...ho keng wor...can be future einstein


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