Saturday, November 20, 2010

Kaset tape

My Ferari has this cassette player. You know cassette? The one that goes putar-putar, and you can pull out that roll of 'film' and dance gymnastic with it?

So Gooly found some cassettes and wondered how it works.

Like I know..

So I said, "Just shove it into the player.. and ..and.. and.. the songs come on but don't put it in in this car..cos the player is not working.The speaker also 'piceah' already. Haih. What new car should we buy huh?"

I was saying the last part cos I really hate Ferari cars I had no answer for his questions.

But he knew I was being evasive of course. So he asked some more.

"But how does it work? How come they are songs inside?"

Yeah.. seriously huh..How come ah?

So, I ended saying, "Hey, you wanna dance gymnastics with the 'film'?

Sunday, November 14, 2010


If I were a mosquito
I would be nocturnal
I will bite you
It will be itchy

If I were a mosquito
I would flap my wings
and make a buzzing sound

I am so annoying
You will hit me
With your hands
With a flying swatter
But you won't get me

If I were a mosquito
You would hate me
I am your enemy

By Gooly the pop, with mucho help from MOM

Dear Lolly

Do you know how excited I am about you? I suppose I knew it was gonna be you - maybe it's the classic case of hoping which turns to believing which turns to reality.

When the news came about, my expression was kinda nonchalant - perhaps a look of "Oh I kinda knew..." Cool eh? But when I realised that it's really gonna be YOU, like FOR REAL, I was walking on air! So giddy with happiness.

Korkor is equally excited. He wanted to share a chocolate ice cream with you today. Even though that flavour is not my favourite, he told me to have some, so you could have a taste. Ah sweet sharing.

Papah has vowed to love you with all his heart. He is generally afraid of girls crying. Please be gentle when you meet him, OK? :)

I started rummaging Korkor's boxes of baby clothes and wished that I am as clever as Auntie Boey Joey or Auntie Gargles who can sew and refashion clothes. Sigh! Dang! I wish I could knit too. Just so you can have some home-made stuff. I'm just sentimental about stuff like that.

Ah well.. there is an alternative - The conventional SHOPPING SPREE.

I thought it would be appropriate to get you some HELLO gifts. Kor kor chose some of the loots. He wonders a lot about the kind of stuff you will like.

Ahh.. it seems like we have all started loving you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Yeah.. I think we should

Gooly said, "I think we should buy her a hair clip. She will look beautiful."

He meant Lolly. :)

Yup. It's a girl! 4D scan at week 19/20. All is well.

We knew it, didn't we, Lolly? *pat pat tummy*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chicken Pak Pak Pak

Ever since Gooly was mobile, I knew he was not those adventurous, jump-now-die-later kinda kid.

Nope, he wont jump off from the top fridge shouting GERONIMO while pretending to be Cicakman.

He is just not that kind who climbs trees and falls and claims glory thru blood and scars.

He is the sort who thinks going on a swing is a pretty brave thing to do.

For me, it's ok. That's who he is. He is careful and cautious. And frankly, I am relieved that I don't have any heart-attack moments upon learning the many Tony Jaa stunts that some boys love to do.

Sad to say, society expects more of a boy - Boys don't cry and boys definately have no fear! *roll eyes* You know, all those gender stereotyping dated probably when Chairman Mao shouted, "Men bleed blood but not horse' pee!" (translated and unreliable resources).

And so, Gooly has, on numerous times been challenged, "Why are you scared (to jump off the roof).. My daughter is not scared of anything , you know.."

And of late, he's been called - yeap...a chicken.

I have learned long ago to ignore people's words. Especially those from a bitch's mouth. I wasn't palpably upset because I admit, Gooly IS afraid of clowns, heights, dark, rides (and me.)

Meanwhile, Gooly, being a kid of course was upset with the teasing. And confused probably. "Why they heck you call me a chicken for?"

What I did was a long list of things:

1. acknowledge his fear - It's ok to have fears. Even Moms have fears. (I am afraid of ghosts and chinese parsleys).

2. acknowledge his hurt - Yes, it's mean to hurt. But we cannot control what other people think or say. (But we can put out banana skin and make them slip)

3. counter attack - People say mean things and they expect reactions. If you get angry or upset or sad, they will tease you even more. So either ignore it, or counter it with a joke or a smart remark.

Eg: You are a chicken!
"Indeed I am. Pak! Pak! Pak!"

Eg: You have so many scars on your legs. Look at the coins!"
"Ohhhh! I am rich if that was true."

I don't know how soon he will learn how to give retorts (to other people, not me!). I hope soon.

On a related matter, I understand that Moms are more receptive of their children's characters.But men's perspective can be rather different. I was rather apprehensive about Papah's feelings. He is afterall a giant troll , looking fearsome instead of fearful.

I was glad that he understood Gooly's feelings, and admitted his own fears (ME with his credit card). We spoke about phobias, and how some people deal with fears.

I am super proud that we have approached this matter delicately, instead of the easy, "Nothing to scared. Not shy ar you!" and the classic, "Boys not scared of anything one!"

And I hope we sent the message that we accept and love him just the way he is - with all his fears or or even when he turns fearless.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Kira kira satu tahun lepas..

When I left Bangkok a year ago, nobody knew I was leaving for good. I didn't tell anyone my intention. Not even the guards. Not even Ada's mom.

I guess I was just not good in saying babais.

Or maybe I just didn't want to say gubai (spelling it wrongly makes it easier).

And so I left my collection of bags, shoes and rubbish there.

And absolutely left my heart there too.

I remember it was an ungodly early morning flight. We left a drawing done by Gooly with the words, SEE YOU SOON in the post box for Ada's family. (it sounds like we jau-loe like that now.)

Little did they know SOON is 300 odd days later....

Yup..I am going to Bangkok. I think I am ready to say good bye to the kingdom properly this time. Weird that it sounds - that I am actually going there to bid farewell. But yeah.. I am gonna do the things that I had forgotten to do whilst I was there (for 4 years)... probably re-visit places that I really adored like Tonglor.

... and then to watch Siam Niramit, maybe.

... and then to Hua Hin and collect some shells (and pee in the sea.)

... to Central World to reminisce and curse those trouble makers.

... eat somtom and eat it like I am filling a 30 years quota.

This time I vow to take more pictures - the rice, the water, the clouds, the stray dogs. Basically everything Bangkok!

And then I will sing TIME TO SAY GOODBYE - with strong emotions at the airport on my departure date..

It's gonna be an awesome trip!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Car rides

I have two best friends whom I have known for over 20 years. We hung out at the school canteen, and subsequently at Modesto's and Brannigans.Of us three, I was the last to get a driving license. Hence I was always driven during those clubbing days.

And then we all started working as astronauts, and I started driving my space rocket. Even then whenever we went out, they'd offer me a ride. Of course, my house is also strategically located. It's always on the way to wherever we were heading.

Even now, I realised whenever we want to go makan, they'd automatically plan to pick me up first before heading to the destination - which they don't really have to. But of course they are thinking that I am often a single lady with a kiddo, and now with a bump (unless when Papah is around).. It's not really safe for me to drive at night. (Their hubs usually drive.)

But then again, even when it's day time, they'd come by my house so I can hop into their car.

Maybe they just don't mind driving. Maybe they don't even know why they come and pick me up as it has been kinda like a routine for 15 years? I donch know.

But..having friends like this makes life beautiful.

I am sho sho sho blessed.


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