Monday, February 28, 2011

I can be a president..

Sometime last month gooly had some loose change in his pocket, to be precise - 2 twenty cents coins. He came back from school and announced that a boy, hardly classified as a friend, had asked twenty cents from him because he was too poor, and because he really wanted it.

Gooly not knowing about hard earned money and lies and schemes but kindness and being helpful, departed with his money albeit reluctantly.

Apparently it's normal/ common for little children to loan, take, con, snatch, steal money from one another, all because 'I want it.'

This comes as a surprise to me because isn't it a basic rule that we teach our kids:
-do not steal or take things from others
-do not lie

...alongside with many other 'basics'? (I.e do not push gramma into river)

I know there are many life long lessons and some parents take the lessons light and easy. There are too many issues. Thus, They will only touch on the matter when the need arises. Say, when and after the son has stolen. And in later years, perhaps after the child dabble with drugs and is dancing with Lucy in the sky with diamonds?

It makes me wonder what do they talk to their children about, if not about how to be a good person? Is it always about getting the homework done?
I think lessons on building characters are not something we can impart with just one lecture. Like your child steals, you whack and kaotim, he won't do it ever again. It is through many conversations, examples and reiterations. There are hidden lessons everywhere as you observe how your child behaves and talks.

I remember correcting gooly when he started his requests with, ' I want...' or 'I like...'. Because when a child's demand is met because he likes it or he wants it, we are implanting the thoughts that he can have everything just because he wants it, and he likes it.

I said, it doesn't mean you can have it just because you want it...or like it. And this somehow is linked to the topic of stealing.

Also, since a baby, I never allowed him take home anything that doesn't belong to him, let it be a tattered toy or a minuscule train. Friends are always nice, they say...take..never mind, my son doesn't play with it anymore. But no..that's where they get the idea of taking home things that are not theirs.

I'm citing this example because I have seen little buggers taking toys from others though sheer crying or whining. Parents say will return it but they never do because..c'mon it's a bloody small train with a missing wheel.

But that's not the crux of the matter, is it?

That's what make little children steal...

Sounds like I can be the president of a country because I know why crimes happen. Teehee! Can I choose Finland?

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 34.5555555

Yesterday night I woke with a cramp. I can't remember if it was severe but I do remember sitting in the toilet, wondering if any shit was coming out. And then it occurred to me that I may be in labour but I brushed off the thought as the pain subsided with no shit coming out from my ass. I groggily went back to bed, praying hard that I could fall asleep again.

Sleep has been hard. I dunno if it's the mattress, the pillow, the air, the hormones or the hunger..but I don't usually sleep till 3-4am.

In the daytime, I'll be taking what they call - forty winks?

Sigh..that's like putting my moniker 'sleeping beauty' to shame.

Lolly weighed almost 2kg last week. Truth be told, I have not gained much weight due to my strict non carbo cum dessert diet. I do however allow myself to indulge in, perhaps a bowl of rice a today, I had chic rice. Yums. And this regime only started last week in which I had my first bowl of fish head beehoon in two months! What a feat!

Of late, I have been thinking of doing some stuff before I go into labour. Like watching a movie. Like going to the pasar malam. Like having my pics taken.

But I'd wake in the morn, feeling not quite in the mood to do anything.

It's been an almost 'doing nothing but making baby' 9-mth stint, hasn't it?

Time to go save the earth once labour is over and done with! My superheroin costume awaits me under the bed..

Friday, February 25, 2011

The doc cut you out

"Did I come out from your stomach or private part, mom?"




Ok, he was cut open from my stomach, with his hand reaching out first..umbilical cord following some sort of Alien movie.Hence it wasn't hard to tell him the answer.

But how on earth he knows about some other babies traveling the other route... sightseeeing at the birth canal first and then thru the 'cave hole'?

He said I told him before.

I did? Hmmm...

He must have appeared so nonchalant about it, and accepted the facts with a wise nod...or probably a 'durh - of course from your private part, takkan from your nostrilsn - look, that I have totally forgotten that the discussion ever took place.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My washing machine tummy

If I remember correctly, Gooly was very gentle in my tummy. It was always a little tap here and there. Very ticklish and butterfly-fluttering feelings. It could be that the fibroids had given him little space to move about then.

Meanwhile...Miss Lolly here...

Amboi! Adui!

She moves and makes my tummy feels like a washing machine at its last cycle! Grung grung grung grung....!

It happens fairly often that Gooly has had the chance to 'feel' her. He enjoys the swirling movements so much that he giggles and keeps prompting his lil sister to 'kick mahmee'.

Sometimes her little toes or fingers ( or head?) goes tap tap tap against my tummy..for minutes! I can only imagine that she is lansily sitting on a high chair, with one leg up while the other swinging leisurely (causing the knocks on my tummy), while slurping on a lolly. *chuckles* I change positions sometimes as the tapping gets a bit irritating, often disturbing my slumber. Sometimes I silly-ly say, "Hey hey hey.. stop it." Duh.. Like she would listen.

But when she is all quiet and non-moving, I tap on my stomach and yell, "Yoohoo, wake up!" Fickle minded indeed a pregger mom is..

I wonder if there is any correlation between an active baby in the womb and a hyper one once birthed? Some say yes.. Some say it's just a myth.

I think I'd go with the latter since Gooly wasn't as active in my sac but he was born a night owl!

So yeah.. keep on kicking, Lolly. Well, when you are out, it's my turn to kick your butt! :P

Monday, February 21, 2011

Bedtime Stories

I STILL read to Gooly every night. He probably can handle Oedipus by Sophocles on his own now.. (Kidding.......!) but we still enjoy reading together.

Recently, my six boxes of junks from Bangkok arrived. Yep.. after 12 long months..or has it been longer? Anyways, besides my Jatujak bags and shoes, and my inheritance of Tupperwares from my MIL, Gooly's collection of books was another thing that got us high in mood.

One by one, we dug them out and went, "Ooooh.. remember this? We read this all the time in Bangkok!.....and this.... Ooooh.. you loved it so much then!..."

Yep..real sentiments there over some silverfish infested children books.

I love classics. For children's literature. The oldest story I have is probably "Martin and Tommy" which was written pre-World War 1 in Switzerland. It's a very simple but endearing story about friendships. The other book which I treasure is the first publication of Velveteen Rabbit, dated circa 1950s.

That night we read Harold and his Purple Crayon - another classic he never got bored of. I love reading Harold. Everything is possible with his purple crayon. He goes to the Moon, Mars and back to Earth with a stroke of his purple crayon.

I tell you why I like reading with Gooly so much. Cos we don't just read.. We ask each other questions and I must say, more often than not, I get some interesting insights from the not-so-little brain of his.

When we read Harold's Trip to the Sky, I asked which planet he would like to visit. His answer - Neptune. I had to ask why, of course.

"Cos I like cold places."

Oooh.. is Neptune cold? I can never remember facts as such. He said,"Yep!" with a strong nod of his head.

I hit the keyboards ..and true enough, Neptune is not just a cooking oil brand, but the coldest planet.

He asked me which planet I like, in return, and why.

"I like Pluto.. because .... I like Mickey Mouse and his dog, Pluto."

I don't think I am very good at giving impressive answers... *hangs head in shame*

Nonetheless, he laughed at my silliness. And I sent him off to bed, with a big grin on his face.

I love bed time stories. With Gooly. And perhaps, Lolly can hear the stories too now. We are starting her real early. :)

P.s: There are lots of good children titles out there.. Please don't buy Barbie stories.... What Mariposa nonsense.....:P

A lil update, ladies and gentleman

"Mom, let me tell you a story.." Gooly was saying while taking a dump.

"It's based on the story of Haachi.. It's a fiction."

Gotta admit I am impressed with his usage of "based on" and "fiction". Heheh.

The story..erm.. I mean fiction he created was a tad too similar to the tear-jerker starring Richard Gere. I was stifling some yawns until he came to the part where the first dog ran away and he had to find another dog in which he named Itchy.

Haachi and Itchy. Hah. That made me feel like I have not wasted 2 minutes of my (pregnant) life, at least.

Speaking of which.. I am already at my 33th week. This lil Lolly kicks ass all the time. And is not letting me eat any sweet stuff. (I have gestational diabetes.) Despite born being sweet (ahak!) I mean, with a sweet tongue, I am, surprisingly adjusting well to the new diet.

I'm thinking of being house bound starting next week.. simply because I am lazy.. and I would be horrified if I had to give birth in a taxi. The latter is of course 'One in A Million' as Neyo would have sung.. But I am paranoid! Gah gah gah!

Hence, since last CNY, I have been making little appointments with ma-gals, citing the possibility of me going MIA( for the next..I dunno.. 5 years?? )as a reason! Lunches here and there. Usually Gooly tags along.. except one particular night. I went out sans him. Had a gala time. Came home close to midnite to a drawing stuck on the wall :

I love you mama. I miss you mama.

That's the kisah cinta seorang budak berumur 6 tahun. Hiak hiak hiak.

Been getting loads of hand-me-downs for Lolly. I wonder how many bibs a baby needs? 35? Cos that's the amount I have. Hah! Bought little hair clips - bows and flowers, Miffy and Mickey.. But what if she has very little hair? Gah!

The name is more or less decided. :) It sounds lovely (to ma ears!).

And everytime people asked me, Scissors, I mean Caesar or Natural.. I go Hmmm...... I know! I only have a few more weeks to think! Decision ! Decision! I think I wasted too much time.. like listening to stories of Haachi and Itchy, instead of pondering on how to give birth.

But one thing for sure.. I don't want to give birth in a taxi...



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