Saturday, March 31, 2012


Havent been writing for a while. Busy busy busy! Renovated and kinda moved into a far far away land. Also, when I dont write much it probably means the kids are driving me up the walls and I tend to write whatever happened in such exaggerated forms that i myself would proclaim, "What? My kids did that? No way!" in future. So, best to leave things chill a bit before I tarnish their goody two shoes images in the whole spectrum of my motherly thoughts (and yours).

Lolly just turned 1. Zoweee! A simple lollypop themed party was held, though most of the guests had no clue the theme is related to the nick i bestowed onto her. She was mighty pleased when the birthday song was sung. I had half expected and fear a loud bawl. I dont know *shurg* i reckon this girl is still unpredictable. But one thing for sure, she has an attitude the size of the African map (yes, future self, your daughter is perceived by many to be somewhat a gangsta chic). Just today, she refused to wear a dress. How? She simple turned her head awaaaayyyyyyy from the gaping hole of the opening of the pretty dress and shrieked her disapproval. Ok, daughter, you are gonna wear dress, dress, dress..nothing but dress from today onwards just to let you know who is in charge here *crunch soda can*

And then she started to walk! Ah that is exciting and much anticipated. She has cruised along furniture for yonks. And now that she walks, she challenges herself to climbing up high chairs and stuff. =.= Just a matter of time before i hear, "Geronimoooo!!"

She loves to boogie. And it's never JUST a single step routine. She shakes, moves side to side, lifts her leg, bends her knees, and holds the pole. *smack that..get on the floor...smack that..* heheheeee.

Her hair is of course longer albeit not much increase in volumne. All hairbands are banned. She yanks them away so fast that i havent had her signature gargantuan loud flowery spring is growing on her head pictures taken for a long time. She accepts little clips but only for 5 seconds, or less.Too bad cos i really like her fringe swept and kept at the side. It makes her pumpkin face very guchi-ly girlie cute. And butonny nose rounder.

Gooly was more demonstrative at 1. He could show us the nose, tongue and other stuff that could have enlisted him in the Mensa..or was it the Menza? Anyways...Lolly is the least interested in "teaching" you about body parts cos she knows that you already know, I assume. But she demonstrates her understanding of how the world is run pretty early. For example, need food? Find ahma.

Sometimes she does really endearing stuff like hugging you from behind, at your elephantine leg, or simply chilling out on your lap while humming a melancholy tune. Moments like these make me think, "What took us so long to have you?"

Yes, it was long, but not too late. :)

Happy one-o, my sweet lolly.


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