Monday, August 23, 2010

What ahbu has taught me

My ahbu didn't receive much education, and yet one of the most important life lesson she has taught me is : "Everyone is the same.. even if they look/act haughty, after talking to them, they are alright. We are all human."

In other words, she has taught me not to be judgemental.

I have, in my previous job, served VIPs and VVIPs. Some walked into the shop, with what appeared to have their noses misplaced, a few inches above their forehead. Yet, I always always served them, using proper polite English while exhibiting the aura of "I know you're rich, and I'm gonna be nice to you not because you are rich, but because I just want to." And very often, their stance relaxed, and it would seem to me, they could finally breathe.

There was this Ramona - very pretty, very rich. And cold... oooh so cold. Someone very hard to strike a conversation with. But I was always nice to her. And one day, she walked out the shop, and walked back in just to say 'thanks'. I wondered for the moment, "It must be hard to be rich sometimes, cos you can't trust that everyone is genuine all the time."

Silly me.. What do I know about what goes thru a 'taitai's' coiffured head. *chuckles*

Anyways, I think my ahbu has taught me lots about life, despite her Primary 3 education level.

I have a few years back drafted a list for Gooly.

What legacy do you want to leave your child(ren)? You know, raising kids is not just about feeding them and buying them stuff. You gotta teach them life-long philosophical lessons like "Don't marry a girl who doesn't shave her armpits.."


Gargles said...

as long as they are not sampah masyarakat and make a decent living......


(*whisper* jialat! i dunno!)

goolypop said...

u got one....neh, dun marry a girl like me, remember??? hehehhehe

Mamapumpkin said...

I can't stress how important it is! U put the nail right into its place! I shall blog my thoughts on this soon, thanks for the prompt.


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