Wednesday, September 15, 2010


It was probably 10plus.
We read some books.
He was tucked in bed, the upper bunk.
We said our nightly oath of love, and I turned on the laptop for some other chats.
He said, "Wait!" and he clambered down.
That's a lot of work, to be climbing up and down, especially when one is already in cute snuggly jammies.
"Are you trying to delay bedtime?" I queried with my eyes.
Not quite, I realised.
He fluffed up a pillow and placed it behind me.
Ahh.. it sure was comfortable.
But he said, "Wait!" again.
"What now, mister-i-am-not-sleepy?"
He replaced the pillow with his, one that is not smelly but soft.
"Oh no, that's yours. It's more comfortable. You sleep with it."
"No, Mom.. You take it. It's full of my love."
And he gave me a peck on the cheek.
Climbed up again.
Said "Good Night" one more time.
"I love you"another.
Lastly, "Good night baby.."

It was, I must say, a great way to end the day.


tuti said...

*melt and melt somemore*
*puddle of water speaking*... he's a great kid..

goolypop said...

tuti, bloop...bloop....bloop..(bubbles bursting)

Mamapumpkin said...

He IS a great kid! And goolymama is a great Mom!


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