Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yay! can apply for senior citizen card.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The missing piece

When I carry her
And she rests her little head on my shoulder
It seems to me
Every nook and corner
Curve and bend
Of her body and soul
Befits my frame and heart

She must be the missing puzzle
Of my life
That has been found
To be loved and treasured
And forever

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Slacker moms

My bestie just passed me a book called Free Range Kids. Am absolutely loving it. It's soooo about us (me and a few selected friends). What are we?

Slacker moms. *cue applause from audience*

Since I'm such a slacker, I'm gonna shoot my thoughts on various topics in point forms. I won't even checks for spielling mistakes end gramma errors two.

1. Breastfeeding
Over rated! If you do breastfeed, that alone doesn't make you the best mom in planet Tatooine. If you don't, you are not the worst either.

2. Educational toys.
Conners! Hand, eye, butt co ordination shit! Babies from the Tarzan era have learned to walk, see, pee without these oh so colorful, they blind you -toys. I don't mind them really (just to shut the babies up, but even that doesn't work sometimes), but I won't go declare I LOVE FISHING PRIZE toys ..they are the best!! Or go click 'Like' on their fb fan page.(I know my nemesis did :P) Suckers proclamations, that's what I call them.

3. International, private, government, home school
Whatever, whichever! That's because I have very limited budget to join in the debate.

4. Thematic birthday parties
*roll eyes* Be glad to even have a sponge cake, kiddo! Enuff said.

5. Bento sets
Sissys! Food is to be eaten, not decorated! Here, take this 50 cents and go cut the queue and buy yourself a fat sausage, boy.

6. milk with DHA, SSA, Omega, WWW, etc.
Bullshit! They all come from udders! Don't go singing - My milkshake is better than yours~

7. The importance of winning
What? You bagged the 'Most Silent Participant' award, Gooly? Geesh! Seriously, it's ok NOT to win anything. It's better than these silly
meaningless awards.

Having said that, do I deserve The Worst Mom award?

Like I care....

Tips - if anyone tries to sell you any ideas or products which claims to be "the best for your child", you RUN - like Forest Gump.They are trying to psycho you into buying somethings which don't make your child another Einstein (durh!) and worst, make you feel bad, really bad as a mother. Or worster - you shouldn't even be a mom at the first place!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Yay! She's two (mths) old today!

Can sleep. Drink Neng Neng. Gooo. Gaaah. And weeeeek!

Isn't she clever??

Kidding..but she really astonishes me when she gives the right expressions or emits the right sounds where she deems appropriate. Like there was one night I was gossiping about her notti notti midnight activities, she suddenly gave a loud, really LOUD scolding weeeek, obviously admonishing me, tor being a tatter tale. "Dont you dare talk about me, momma!" I turned to look at her, sleeping in her cot, mouth slightly agape. Geeash! Gotta speak/type Swahili next time when I talk bad about her.

And when my inlaws came to visit her the first time, we bemoaned that they will probably not see her eyes wide open cos she was such a sleeping Buddha during that 'era'. Lo and behold, the moment the entourage arrived at the doorstep, she opened her eyes, and probably would have thrown in a curtsy if she had known how to stand! Clever girl! *sweats* Very tension with impromptu ISO inspection from the inlaws, you know..

And my favorite - she was making lots of sound, crying probably, with no tears, if I may add, as usual... In her cot. And everyone was busy with tv, food or whatnots. So she was left alone for awhile. Before you say, poor abandoned baby...... That awhile was probably a minute or so. Finally, being the sweet caring mother that I am, I hauled my ass up from my comfy bed and walked over to see if she needed coffee or martini this time. (just to spice up my life. Serving milk all the time is quite boringish)

And so I used my air hostess voice and said, "Coffeee, ma'am?" (seriously I can say anything cos uhm..durh....like she understands?) I smiled.

And look,look,look,look! * shameless squealing mommy sound*

She actually gave me back a big watermelon smile! Look at the shape of the sliced watermelon mouth! For like...the longest time she did smile. (gooly's smiles are very rainbowy - his eyes are shaped like rainbows when he smiles. Just for the record.) And indeed she was calling out for attention.

I was wondering if she can already recognize my pretty face (it's World's Shameless Day!). My friend doubts it. Says it's probable the smell. *sniff armpit* Yeah... I think so to. I solemnly promise not to put deodorant or eau de toilletteeeee, for you, Lolly (until her eyesight improves, that is).
Big smelly sacrifice there!

So there! Quite an achievement for a 60 days kiddo, eh? Can't wait till she poops on the bed and drool on my shirts!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Smiley me

..not smelly okeh? Read carefully...

So I admit I smile a lot, even to strangers and also to Gooly. When I was pregnant, I found many people smiling at me ("Awwww a hippo...") or was it me who was smiling first and they reciprocated? Never mind..

Now with Lolly in my arms, the pattern continues ("Awwww a hippo with a baby...").

The other day, I was waiting for a table at a crowded kopitiam. A young chap, whom may I add, looked like Wang Lee Hom signaled that he was almost done with his meal. I SMILED and said thank you because my momma taught me manners. He smiled back revealing two gorgeous dimples. Omg! That certainly brighten up my otherwise mundane day.

I don't just smile at guys, okeh. I get high too when I exchange smiles with chic pretty ladies. Yeahuh...they do smile, which makes them beautiful, I think.

With Gooly, we smile whenever our eyes meet. He could be taking a dump or across the road awaiting me. But when we first meet even after a 5 minutes separation, we smile at each other. (Hey mom, I'm shitting *smiles*)


I don't smile at old men. They give me the creeps. Sorry, I don't do old men. Period.

So, I wanna know..are you smelly?

How gooly does his homework

I grew up with an aunt who stayed with us for a couple of years. It was the most crucial few years in which I hit puberty, a.k.a the period which forms the characteristics of what I am today. Not the whole package, but some influences here and there.

She was the sort who had a manual about how girls should be. Contohnya, girls should learn to cook, clean and bla bla bla. Seeing that I was a wild Jane who only cycled around the neighbourhoid after school, she decided to shape me up into a domestic lady. She would nag, order, ask or whatever you call it, to wake at 8 am, make the bed, wash the fan etc. Indeed, I was quite a Cinderella. I hated everything I had to do, but I did it because I was obedient.

Fast forward to today, I don't wake at 8, don't make the bed (unless kakak is not around) and definitely don't clean the fan (papah does it). I think her dictatorship has caused an adverse outcome.

That is why I find that I'm being less forceful with gooly. Because I know forcing a child to do something whether out of convenience or expectations, the child will most likely compel and then rebel.

Take the most common thing a mom has to ask her child to do - homework. I know certain moms allocate some slots for them. Yes, it's a good routine and discipline. But as the child grows, all he wanna do is to break free.if you think about it,there's a little selfish deed in that practise. That is because we have more activities these days - shopping, lunches, parties, shopping, parties and more shopping, we 'force' the child to finish his homework at a specific time and day.

I don't have much money to shop, and I hate the week end crowd. And i also believe the more we do, the less we achieve, especially in the aspect of spending a day at the mall. Therefore, we have two full days to complete school home works. Gooly chooses when he does it, and how he wants to do it (finish all or half, to be continued at the next session). Of course there are times that we do go out or his cousins and friends are coming over, and I'd tell him in advance. He would then know how to finish everything before we head out. Or not. He gets to decide.

So it's like this -

Do you have homework? (Yes)
A lot or just a little ? (Two excercises)
I see..when do you want to do it? (Tomorrow)
Ok, but we are going out for lunch and may come back late. Do you think you'll have time to finish them after that? (hmmmm...)
Or you want to finish everything tonight? (I think can finish tomorrow. It's quite easy.)
Ok..up to you.

And he has never not finished his homework. And very often, he brings out his books on his own, with little reminder, at times.

That way, he learns about time management and responsibilities. I think kids need to believe that they have a choice and they need to be respected.

And also, we both don't pop any veins, have high blood pressures or hate each other.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Kiss her for me


There, lolly. A kiss from papah..all the way from Bangkok.

:) <3 <3 <3

pops of the pop

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After picking gooly up from school, I made a turn to kayu, partly to eat, three quarter to drink Teh ice and another quarter to chit chat with him.

I had my usual rice with fried chicken - thigh, never breast meat. He asked to have a bite. And another. And another. I graciously gave him.

When his roti telur, oozing with condense milk came, he returned the generosity. "I"ll just eat some, ok, gooly?"

"Nonono, mom..you can have as much as you want."

(Don't expect the same treatment for you, ok? This sweetness is reserved for me only.)

The roti telur was sinfully tasty that I wondered aloud if I should order another.

"It's ok, mom. You can have more of mine."

The roti telur was sweet. My son - even sweeter!

However this morning was a different story. He shouted, "Yee Yee, I want my breakfast! You cannot hear ah?" I don't know why he expects to be served like a king when he is with others. So blardy rude. But when with me, halos appear. But gooly....I have ears and eyes where you least expect...I'm watching you...

*cue song - I always feel like somebody watching me~c

Where is papah?

Action la him....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Under my umbrella Ella Ella..

My mom goes for a walk every morning. She is quite popular, really. Everyone who takes strolls like she does says hello when they cross path. She comes back with stories like Mrs. A is not in good terms with her daughter in law or Mr. B's son is a dentist in Brisbane and he gave him about rm50k as angpow moneh during last cny. Geesh! No wonder she likes going for walks. There are so much goss to hear! (I wonder what she tells them of me? Hmmm..)

Anyways..this post is not to highlight an episode of 'Gossip Girls'. It is about how on a particular morning, she headed out for her usual stroll despite the gloomy clouds threatening to pour at any minute. She thought she could break her own record of snail walking with the aide of her tongkat. Much to her chagrin, droplets of rain did begin to fall and she probably had to walk pass another 50 houses before she reached ours. With her 'speed', it would take,maybe 10 minutes, and she would surely be drenched by then. I wonder if she muttered any profanities under her breath at this point of time.

And then...poot poot. A lady honked and told her to hop into her car. My ma declined.(still wanna be heroic). "You will fall sick!" the lady insisted. But my ma still didn't hop in. Maybe she secretly wanted to play in the rain.

The lady gave up in persuading. And just then, another man came out from his house with an umbrella. "Take this! We are not as strong as the young ones! If we fall sick, jiau cham laa." This time my mom accepted the help offered. And she came back feeling very paiseh.

I thought they were very nice encounters. These are affluent folks. It's good to know they have a heart.

And then it was my turn...

Yesterday, I went to the pasar malam. Dropped my mom off while I looked for a place to park. She took the umbrella with her. And I decided to get off the car to help her carry the heavy fruits once I found a place to park. I alighted and felt rains on my head and shoulder. But only for a while because a moment later, I realized I was under the umbrella of an unknown lady. I was a little embarrassed and gave her a smile while inching away. She said, "it's ok. Come share the umbrella. I'm heading the same way."

Despite being a rainy night, I felt warmth. In my heart. In my soul.

Let's sing Rihanna's 'Under my Umbrella' , shall we?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Closed for private function

There are some nites when lolly and I have private parties. Just me and her. Exclusive okeh? (like anyone would wanna join in)

First she wakes and I'd already have her drink of martini on stand by at around 1a.m.

She stretches herself a bit cos she has been hibernating the whole day. She opens her eyes, blinks them as part of her exercise routine. And she smiles. (everybody - please awwwwww as sound effect)

She then is ready for her martini. She sucks from the bottle, and stares intensely at me, thinking " oh my mommy is so pwettty" (possible if compared to kakak).

She gets squirmish and I know she needs to be burped. I put her straight up, and she starts stepping on my tummy, lurching forward like a little Joey. And her mouth forms a big 'O', making her too cute.

After a while, I put her down again lest she over exerts herself. I talk gibberish to her. Mostly about Old Mcdonald who has a black sheep whose best friend is the itsy bitsy spider.

She then gets bored and demands to do her exercise again. And she uses all her might to stand on my tummy, using it as a trampoline to jump up and down.

Truth be told, I super layan her because she sleeps like 23 hours a day. Ok, maybe she is more wakeful when it's kakak's shift. But 20 hours of sleep is still a lot.

Like mother, like daughter? Heh..

Ok tonights party is about to begin. Let me concoct the martinis with olives. And oh yeah...crank up the volume of 'Old McDonald version 2011'.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lolly 1.5

It's strange but I always think that lolly is already at her 3rd month when in fact she is only 8 weeks old. Could be her strong neck and her hefty weight that give that impression.

Dimples are appearing on her knees and elbows. *chuckles* This can only mean one thing. She has put on some kilos - 1.8 to be exact. I have suddenly developed a fetish to bite her yummylicious cheeks and thighs. Butt too, but it's always covered.

I'm not bothered to shave her head. But there are concerns for the little patches of empty spaces here and there. Ah well, some of the most interesting people I know are bald (papah for one!).

She angguuus with the sweetest softest voice * melts* and I beam as though she just recited a sonnet.

She sleeps aplenty. I never knew babies could just inhale, exhale and drift off to lalaland. Well, gooly - the baby I ever knew before this was the most wakeful baby. I could pat him on his bum till the cows come home, and he'd still be awake, very often, crying.

So yeap, he was a definitely a more demanding nocturnal baby.

But then again, I was working with no helper, and was a first time inexperienced mom, so naturally all I wanted was for him to go to sleep so i could sleep. I'm lucky now, with kakak, I get a good 3, sometimes 4 hours of extra sleep in the morning. Not to mention, a bright, independent and understanding son who lets me get the rest I need.

Coupled with lolly's contented and calm disposition, I am enjoying motherhood to the max this time round. I smell her loads. Rub her skin, tickle her chin. Look at her fingers and toes. Bite her cheeks and feet.

And oh yeah...still lactating and pumping. Milk, anyone?

Birthday pressies

For his last birthday, gooly received a pair of hand made binoculars from a very smart girl - T1.With help from her mama, she stuck two toilet rolls together and painted some awesome ben-ten details on it. It was one of gooly's (and my) favorite gifts. He took it to sleep that night and the next few days, hung it around his neck for his adventures in jungles and seas.

The next day, I made him call T1 to thank her again for her thoughtful and special gift (and the other guests as well). One has gotta learn to show appreciation the right way.

Recently, he received an invitation to a birthday party due in a few weeks' time. And he has been rather busy sketching, doodling, drawing for the birthday boy. He was clearly inspired by T1.

He had carefully stapled the pieces of drawings together with messages on them (albeit with wrong spellings and all). I can't really make out what he had drawn cos uhm... our artistic genes are somewhat mutated. But I thought it was awfully sweet of him. I doubt his efforts will be much appreciated by the birthday boy - cos almost every boy prefers t.o.y.s, the bigger, the louder, the better? *shrugs*

Anyways.. Here's a big pat on gooly's (and T1''s) back for not being engulfed by commercialism.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

7am on a cold rainy a.m

Lolly knows what she wants or doesn't want.

Like when my mom shoves the pacifier into her mouth to shut her up, literally speaking, she'd bluek it out immediately. With a very haughty expression. If she had finer motor skill, she will probably show her the middle finger too.

And she cries murder when I sneakily give her 2 oz milk instead of 3 (why? Because she just had 3 two hours ago!!!). She would then suck 2 drops of milk and dozes off. 2 drops? That much of milk that made her scream like she was totally famished, sending me (or anyone in the vicinity) in frantic to concoct her, may I repeat, 2 DROPS of milk???

Ok, maybe not 2 drops...but 2 gulps?

Oooh...I so wanna smack her diapered butt!

Having said that, whenever her soft hair touches my hairless chin as she lays on my (hairless again) chest, and when our heartbeats drum in the same rhythm, I'd revert to the old sentiment of...awwwwww she's sho cute.

*shakes head and rolls eyes*. Cuckoo mama (just like you, you and you !) I shall now go back to sleep. Hopefully I wake up sane (a state I doubt I ever was or will be).

Al cheapo

My mom is the sort who will walk an extra mile because THAT particular stall offers choysum at a cheaper price...say like 5 sen cheaper?

And she does prattle on for days about a good bargain. Like how she found this grocery store which stocks Nescafe 2-in-1, 20 cents cheaper than Carrefour. Oh the joy on her face when she talks about the cents she manages to save.

Hence, I know what being frugal is about. I have a mom who is the Frugal Queen. Not that I'm complaining. Like my 6years younger buddy says, "Being frugal is a commodity these days."(or something like that :P) Cmon..we know we don't share the same surnames as Mittal or Gates or ..heck, who else is in the Forbes?

The other day, we had lunch - three very *ahem* wise ladies. We zig-zagged out of many topics, from tv shows, iPad games to something we never miss discussing -BAGS. All of us do love bags. But we have come to a point where we can JUST talk about them, admire them..and yet not buy them* You know, it's like walking into Pavillion, says, "Ooh, that's nice." and then walking out again, without feeling
'"I might as well be dead if I don't get that bag?" Not that I have ever felt that way despite saying, "That is a bag to die for!" numerous times.

We walked into Thomas Sabo and then out, exclaiming how those little trinkets are so-not-worth the price. Yay! I love window shopping!

We even said how we'd boycott Vincci shoes when there isn't a sale. *fol* Bet those who wear Louboutins cringe when they hear us talkinng.

But I love how 20 years of friendships has made us completely comfortable with each other. Carats? Bah! We only talk about those being sold at the markets!

I do know they have some buried blings - the real carats in Milo tins. But it's just not something we talk about or show (off). (Not that I have any to show).

*it's a different story altogether of course if the hubs offer to buy them..kakakaka!


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