Thursday, February 23, 2012

Testing the limit

Lolly likes to eat. Not food...but stuff know..dirt, paper, tissue, our fingers., our money.....A pica monster she is!!

She has heard NO so often I am sure she knows what it means. NO and DIRTY are uttered day in day out, all the time. Hence, now she picks up something, looks at us, and places it her chest.

...and then she moves it to her chin.

...and then at the side of her mouth.

....on her lips....

And finally she opens her mouth... And we shout, "No!"

She smiles sheepishly, and tosses it down.

She knows she shouldnt, but still wanna try..just in case we got tired yelling NO.

But sometimes she is really fast. Especially when its paper...cos its like her favourite. *roll eyes*

and the reason we allow her to test the limit, and not stopping her at "chest level" is because she is cute when caught in mishief. And i also wanna know if she is daring enough to cross the boundary.

The answer is yes.



Gargles said...

nothing wrong eating those things also...

BoeyJoey said...

wah... very pannai!!!

i read somewhere that babies learn by putting things in their mouth... texture, taste, etc. if it's not too dirty/ dangerous, let her la :-)


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