Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lolly signs

At almost 16 months, lolly is not talking much. Let's see..

1. Boh (ball)
2. Papa
3. Neow (cat)
4. Wowo (yeh yeh...i love u more than i can say. Eh, no..i mean Dog)
5. Ahwah (her brother's name)
6. Yeye, kuku, kung kung
7. Nyomoh (no more)
8. Neoh (NO)
9. Yesh (yes)
10. Cohs (close)
11. Dediu (thank you)
12. SupercLifragilisticexpialidocious (waaaaaaaaah....sob sob..waaahhhh)

Thats not a very impressive list eh?


She understands loads! And she has her way of making us understand her. She makes lots of audible noises (cute ones, annoying ones..but mostly puddy tat cute ), signs a great deal, pushes you, shoves you, pulls you..till you get her what she wants.

Actually i dont mind that, that much. Because if you havent realised, you have to look at the person converying non-verbal messages more than verbal ones. And it connects us even more when our eyes met, hands touched, smiles and laughter ensued when we finally understand her meaning.

The other day, papa joyfully told me that she pushed his butt out of the couch to the kitchen to get her some cookies. He smiled so much telling me that.

Today, i put her near our family portrait - the one with the whole clan of siblings and spouses and niece and nephews, grandpa and grandma included. She said papa, and pointed correctly at the person responsible for her small eyes.

And i said, yes, clever girl. Thats papa. Do you miss papa?

And she pointed out the rest of the family whom she recognises.

She spotted me. She turned and looked at me. And pulled my glasses out. She pointed at my image and said, "nyomoh".

Oh yes, i wasn't wearing my spectacles in the picture. But yeap, that's me. Mummy. Can you say mummy?



She always gives the right answer, by chance.

She then looked at other pictures and signed that some of her cousins were *slllluuurp* drinking, and hugging a bear.

We went to the bird park today. While tucking her to sleep, i asked if she remembered seeing birds today..with wings and beaks. She giggled and said, "yesh" (another fluke answer, probably).

Yesh, she speaks very little. But i love the way we communicate. It is very meaningful. Fun to watch. Full of love. And very warm. Especially when she has to hug you to relay a message.

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