Friday, August 24, 2012


A few weeks ago, gooly skipped school to go to kidzania. Gasp! Oh close your mouth already! It is really the wisest thing to do. Why brave the crowd on weekends or holidays? Skipping school is fun!

I first heard about the place in Jakarta a few years back. I blogged about it..somewhere (should be under "my 2 sense" category which strangely only has two posts). I didnt like the idea. Today, i still dont.

I like kids to play with imagination. I'd be happy if Gooly makes an airplane out of a box. I wasnt too impressed that he flew a mock up plane at kidzania *yawn*. That's what I could think of about the place - it limits your child's imagination.

Sure its fun to play pretend, but its not so fun when it's so "serious". I mean, what the heck, they will be working their asses off when they grow up, why expose them to hard labour now? So that they can choose their career wisely? No wonder, the pilot job has such a long queue.Cos everybody wants to be a pilot? (to kau airstewardess?) or cos every parents want their child to be one? Think about it... I have read blogposts by moms who rolled their eyes because their child wanted to be a window cleaner ("blasphemy! Of all things!! Why dont you queue up to be a doctor..or a scientist, or AT LEAST, a pilot...")

Ok, if you say this place is supposedly to give a "vision" on the kid's ambition, i'd say, crap-lah. Most kids don't know what they want to be. They are fickle. Thaye are indecisive. (Most, ok. Some are very focused). You go read your old "cita cita saya" in you wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, doctor...and what are you now? Just an astronaut! See? What you bercita -cita doesnt always come true!

So why did i bring Gooly there? Cos I'm a liberal mom. It may not be my cup of tea, but could very well suit him. I dont want him to be the frog under the coconut. Nah..its not the same as being kiasu ok!

The verdict - He enjoyed it. Blek. He liked baking oreo cookies, making sushis ...which we can do at home!! Tsk! And ok, fine..he liked the newscaster job the best. But..but.. I suppose we can have a mock-up studio at home too....duh.....

I read somewhere, "if you give a toy wand to a child,it shall be just that..a wand. But if a stick is given, it can be a wand, baton, sword , even ....a cane.." Something like that..The cane, i added.

So, kidzania you are so lame. I'd prefer my child to run ten rounds pointlessly out in the park. But many parents dont think like me. Thats why your establishment is a success! Yay!

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