Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bringing Lolly out

Admittedly i dont bring lolly out much in kl. For safety reasons (of other people yo! This girl is dangerous yo!)

Ok lah, besides that, its also because she doesnt like to go on strollers, hates being in a car seat, runs amok, steals things ? And her paraphenelia of pillow, milk bottles, diapers, etc. breaks my back. .oooh! It's such a chore to bring her out.

But slowly i am phasing out the un-necissities. First to go was her milk stuff. No more drinking whilst in the car! That way i can just stuff money into my bra and panties and have twpo free hands to wrestle her when the need arises (or to cover my embarassed face, depending on which is more important).

I have taught her the "hands behind" trick. She is not to touch anything when we say "hands behind". It's not a guaranteed thing though so we still avoid crystals, chinas and other breakable stuff. For at least another ten years.

Everytime she goes into mishief, i stupidly say, "Hoh! Look! Uncle is looking." or auntie is looking. Or dog is watching. Or che che is laughing at you. *duh

Or when she refused to do something she is supposed to, i also stupidly say, "uncle say must...eat your rice" pointing at an innocent passer-by. Heck! She does what other people says...even when the dog asked her not to jump into the pool. Try "mummy says", she will do the opposites.

Anyways... We brought her to jatujak market. Crazy idea. Fun...but crazy.

And i carried her through the mazes of Platinum Mall, while repeatedly scared her with the mannequins. That was the most fun part.

We went to the zoo. It was feeding the tiger time. Ideas flickered. Yaa...feeding her to the tigers would have been fun to watch. The gladiator girl of mine would survive, i tell ya.

More about the zoo later. Another post perhaps. With only pictures. Of her head inside and out of the lion's mouth.

Dont worry, i will pixelise the lion's face to avoid gory scenes.

1 comment:

tasy said...

ahh... no need pixelate, it would be cute to see a frightened lion's look for a change.


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