Monday, June 18, 2012

Cuddle cuddle

I had the best cuddle moment with Lolly just awhile ago.

This is kinda silly, to begin with. I have thought that Lolly was a die-hard refused to sleep baby. Everytime i put her in her cot, she screamed! And i yelled, "Go to sleep" a few hundred times a night.

Eventually, i realised that she was a sweet bum whilst in Bangkok, and also in our new home. I began to analyse the bed time rituals, and durh! came to the conclusion that she just loves being held and cuddled prior to embarking on a dream journey. (my single bed and her cot arrangement at my mom's place was making me dump her into her cot to sleep on her own, resulting many reluctance on her end)

And so now, i tuck her in, in my bed. She puts her face really close to mine and smiles, a really really happy smile. One that shines through her eyes.

And then gently, she pulls me close to her lips, placing her hands behind my neck. Ah...sweetness oozing. And i say, "Yes baby, i Love you too."

Sometimes she climbs on my tummy, and rests her head on my chest, and hums a tune only she knows. No matter how old she is, her frame seems to fit my frame perfectly. Its like we are custom-made to stay snug.

She lifts her head to look at me in the eye, in the semi-lit room. Her pupils dance, I know she is happy.

She strokes my cheeks. And tries to pry my mouth open with her finger. That makes me laugh always.

When i laugh, her own laughter ensues.

Soon, her eye lids get droopy. She uses my hand to place it at her bum, and motions it up and down, wanting a good pat-pat session.

And so it begins...pat...pat....pat....pat....

..and she is off to Lalaland.

I love cuddling a soft bunny goochi baby. Its a privilege to have a chance to do that, really.

Ok, lights out..who wanna chat?

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