Thursday, August 23, 2012


Thats one word to describe lolly, though i'd prefer to use other words like smart, clever etc. just so not to sound like a traitor mom.

She has a nasty habit of throwing tantrums i.e. lying on the floor kicking legs in the air while pumping fists unto the ground and shouting, "When i grow up, im gonna send you to the circus!" The first few times, she being an amatuerish drama queen, has bumped her head on the floor. Then she got sneakier, or should i say, smarter. She would lie down slo-mo, until her head lands gently...and then she would only begin her over-acting of a frustrated baby show. It's so fake that i doubt she would even be nominated for the Oxcar.

Usually, this mode scares the crap out of everyone. But not me. Uh-uh...not this coldhearted mom. And she knows i dont give two hoots and it is very tiring cycling in the air while shouting nonsense for a lenthy period without anyone kuchi-olla-sayang-ing you. So the moment she sees me, she'd stop.

not only that, she would also throw in a smile. Her face is sorta saying, "Ops...heheh..didnt aee you there. I'm fine. No need to worry. See...i'm up! Everything is fine and dandy."

And i'd give a nod of approval, "Yes! It better!"

Once approaching her while wagging a finger admonishing her, she even grabbed my finger to kiss it!!

It was the same the other day when she ran amok at the supermarket. I got so angry that i said, "Mama is angry!" (how original). She was all shifty eyes, refusing to look at my "i'm gonna eat you alive" face (still pretty though). I wondered for a moment if she understood anger. Well, obviously she knows its something unpleasant (that can unleash a momster). And what dya know....she looked at me and kissed me right at the kisser! Thats a darn good way to cease fire, i'd say.

I was all giggly, and she rightfully took that as a truce. So she gave me a hug and a big smile.

And then she ran amok again.

the end.

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tasy said...

She's on her way to the oscars red carpet. And you.... to the circus. I go pongchiong, do not worry.


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