Sunday, October 14, 2012


It's those little things you do..

Like waking up with the kids, fixing them breakfast, mopping the floor, washing and hanging out the week's old laundry while i take another hour of snooze.

Like filling up the car i use with fuel, just before you leave.

Like re-parking the cars so mine is accessible.

Like saying shhhhh to the kids cos mahmee is napping (crap, i do zz alot, don't i? Well, its a once a month treat!)

Like suggesting that i sleep (again??) in the other room so that when baby wakes for her milk, i'm not disturbed (but really,i know it's because i snore till the windows shatter)

Like doing silly stuff (letter E shadow - inside joke) to make your son laugh till tears spurted from his rainbowy eyes.

Like loving your daughter so much that for now, she allows no other male species to hold her but you.

All these and more, that i feel many a times that the wisest and the best thing i did for myself was to get hitched by you.

And just like your daughter, i say, tatuu..for loving us.


tasy said...

eh, so mysterious... who's that you talking about ah? c'mon, tell laa...

goolypop said...

Its...Ng-lau tak wah..

tasy said...

ahh.. that cina ahpek who comes only in his mayitong every morning doing his morning walks one...


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