Saturday, April 7, 2012

Justice ka-pow!

A long time ago, when i first got married and went back to Alaska for cny, my mil had casually introduced me as her dil when we bumped into her friend (from church, i pressume.)

"Is she a Christian?"

Wow. Did you hear that? "Is she a Christian?" - that has gotta be the utmost important question of all when you get to kmow a person (from the lady's p.o.v, i pressume.)

For a split second, i felt being judged - am i less worthy as a person, as a wife, as a daughter in law, if i were not a Christian?

But the feeling lasted just for a nano second because i, may be OVER-reading a simple, nosy, inquisitive auntie's 'innocent' question of whether or not, if i were a Christian (or a animal.) Most importantly, i never let another person to judge me from my gender, size, height, character, my obsession with bags, or me, as a wife, daughter, mother, daughter in law, friend, enemy (sorry, if i hate you, i hate you). By saying i dont allow it doesnt mean i yell at you for saying judgemental things about me. Whats the point really? If i am totally okay with ME, i really dont care what you say. And the i just proceed to turn of my antennas and strike you off from my list (yes, i have a list..i have many lists, in fact. Inheritance list, for instance... Now you wanna be good to me, eh?)

Having said that, i'm ok with suggestions, pointers, advice...say when i say, "I need to cure my bag addiction." or some other banal queries ,about parenting. But you need to say it in a non- judgemental way, which much to my chagrin, not many homo sapiens have this skill of. Which is why i dont have many friends #forever alone.

And thats like judging you for judging me. Hey..i am not perfect. Never said i was. But you really shouldnt care what i think. And when everyone stops caring what others think (the bad stuff), this world will be all lemon drops and rainbowy.......wheeeee!


Small Kucing said...

biasa some who push their religion to your nose leh..belum tau u pray to wat already pandai advice suruh ambik two mandarin oranges pray to sky leh...

Gargles said...

What the heckaroo? What happens to "look at her butts! She would be good producing babies!"? TSK! How rude!

Anonymous said...

i scared of this type of christians.
i catholic anyway. worship vampire and wolves. and i am going to burn for saying that.

goolypop said...

Skuching, pray sky for blanket ah? (tin tit lock lei, tong pei kum?)

Gargles, well, duuk gor shu geh yan will know reproduction system has nothing to do with butts...but the goolypop.

Anon tuti, burn what? Paper lv bag ah?


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