Thursday, July 26, 2012

Omaigod one?

Yeap..the common one is Terrible Twos. But i have got an Omaigod One in da house.

She has been climbing every where. She even has the chutzpah to dance on high chairs. She falls with a loud bang! Picks herself up and climbs again and boogies away. For like a hundred times a day. (not the falling. Just climbing and dancing)

She bites! A few casualities has reported their unfortunate encounter with this mongster. But she knows I am not some one she can mess around with. When ever i stopped her from doing any dangerous stunts, i would pick her up, and she would silently surrender - sometimes with a "ops you got me!" smile. But if another person tries that, you'd hear a loud bansheeeeee screammmmmm to be followed by another yelp by the bitten victim.


Now, this is what she does best - feign innocence. She tilts her head to one side, and utters a ...(dare I say it?) cute, uh-oh. We are already smitten by this non-apologetic uh-oh. Imagine when she does speak, and say "I'm sowriee.." in her squeaky mouse voice. Aiyayyaya!

And when she cries in her cot, wanting to be picked up, you should go to her aide. Because she will throw in kisses, while wrapping her arms around your neck. She also pats your back for saving her. Thats how she has been waking me up EARLY in the morning without making me grumpy!

She is managing little words here and there. "Tinkoo". Thats thank you. Its really cute. But you get to hear it most often when you offer her money. *smirk.

What else? Oh yeah..neow-neow for cats. A very soft growl for tigers. Wowo (just like when you sing wowowo-yeah yeah) for dogs.

Please ask her where is her armpit when you see her. She crosses her arms, and points a finger under that area. A very complicated action when she could have just lift her hand.

Ok, from what a supposedly a horror post about her behaviors, it has crazily morphed into a report about her cute antics. Sucker mom!

But one thing for sure, she has us wrapped around her little finger. Gulp!

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