Friday, June 22, 2012

An official warning letter

Dear Lolly,

We have unfortunately received numerous complaints about your behavior from various parties (family, mostly) and herby would like to issue an official warning, in which if you continue to behave like a thug, parties involved will...will...well, they will think of something.

Please find bellow a list of things which you do on a daily basis which annoy the bollocks of us :

1. You run to the phone when it rings. Fair enough that you want to be helpful, but you dont talk a single word.

2. And then you attempt to climb the table to retrieve the receiver, giving your poor ahma mini heart attacks.

3. You shout like a banshee in a confined area, like the car.

4. You steal people's garment (panties, bra, spenders included) and pull them along like a pull-along toy.

5. You refuse holding hand, walking lintang pukang confidently as though you remember the way home.

6. You are exhibiting narcissistic behavior by kissing your own reflection at every opportunity.

7. You treat the house like a nude camp, taking off your diapers and refusing clothings.

That said, we must give you credits for not picking up rubbish to eat anymore. And you have also showed much co-operations in the car seat and stroller. We thank you for your efforts in becoming a nicer toddler.

We hope you will reflect on your lifestyle and make changes where necessary to make this house hold Barney-like where everyone sings "Hakuna Matata".

Thank you.

"Toddlerhood is like a running blender, without its lid." - Jerry Sienfield

Yours sincerely,

Thai-girl Mom

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tasy said...

Dear whoever,

You will hear soonest from my lawyer. This is serious defamation shiats!



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