Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gooly's essay writing

I confess! Stop asking already.m (as if you did :p)

I do set writing assignments for gooly, particularly after a visit to a special place. Writing is much easier with experiences. So I reckon if he had traveled a bit, see the world (ahem!) with his own eyes, why not write down his experience? The instruction has always been, "write what you see, hear, smell and feel."

And so we have stories about the Aquaria, farm, etc. This morning, I read with interest what a friend's daughter who is of same age as gooly (7.5 yrs old) has written for a school test. He was causing so much ruckus with his little sister that I sent him to the corner to write his own story of going to zoo. This is what he wrote:

One happy day, I wanted to go to the zoo. My family went there by bus. When we reached the zoo, I saw an animal picture at the entrence. Then I got very excited.

First I saw a flock of parrots eating lunch. They were so beautiful my mother can't resist taking a picture. The parrots wings and bodies is covered by rainbow color (ed feathers).

Next I saw two elephants eating bananas. By their look on their faces, it looks like the bananas are very yummy, the two elephants had long tusks and big bodies.

At last I saw ten crocs eating their carcass. They looked very fears so I quickly snap a picture and ran away.

It was so fun that I wanted to come back again. The end.

I like his choice of words. Gotta work on his grammar and spelling, though I must say the latter has improved quite a bit.

Now comes the big problem. His handwriting is atrocious! No amount of cajoling, scolding, and other -ling (hamkaling?) had helped. I don't know if he is doomed to have ugly handwriting or he is just not bothered. He likes to write his stories fast, bish bosh bam, thank you ma'am, I'm off to watch tv. It makes me boil!

And I'm pretty sure he can write more...I mean, he talks a's just putting his words unto paper, right?


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Anonymous said...

future doctor mah. :)


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