Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cerita shex

Gooly is a bookworm. He reads every day, every night, every opportunity. He mainly likes non-fictions, stuff that send me straight to Yawnland. He has many science books, and of late has been particularly interested in Human Body.

So one day he was at the chapter of Reproduction.

Jeng jeng jeng.

I saw the opened book, and my super sonic speed reading skill allowed me to detect key words like sperm, penis, stiff, vagina. I walked away citing the sudden need to do laundry at 10pm as an excuse.

The next day, he asked, "Mom, whats the meaning of stiff?"


Stiff? You mean Steve?

Kakakkaka. I was trying to kid myself to loosen up my nerves. Oh btw i was driving, so it was a very very "dangerous" conversation. I was holding the steering wheel so stiffly that my knuckles went white. Thats stiff, son.

"the book says penis gets stiff.."

Uha..*de-accelerate to 30km/h.

"...and it goes in the "vegenta"...

Uha...Vagina, you mean. *parks car at road side*

"ya..thats what i said. The Vagenta. Thats how the sperms go to the tummy."


"and do you know how twins are made?"

Hooooo! You can Tell me all about it! *starts engine and accelerate again*

And that was it! Cheh..he already knew everything (except mis-calling miss virginia as ms vagenta which sounds so buttery). And the process of reproduction isnt exactly the point of interest for him. He was more interested in genes, cells, etc - all the nerdy book wormish stuff.

Oh well..not that i am complaining.

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