Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have two..yeah only two girlfriends from school, whom I have known for over 20 years. Has it been that long already? Strange to be able to say, "Twenty years ago...."

And so here we are, twenty years later (have to keep repeating this to snap out of this denial (st)age) and we are still the best of buds. Busy with our own lives - kids, career, family, toy boys etc., we dont meet often but when we do, damn! It feels good.

We are mothers to all our children. In fact, when we have problems with our own breed, we'd refer them as, "Your son ah...stole neighbours panty again" or "Your daughter is refusing baths for the 49th day already." (Not that those incidents really happened, duh..like I'm gonna tell the worst of them. Actually, I will, but just another post). And the non-biological mothers will respond with, "Aww..so cute."

We have come to the realisation that the godmoms are to spoil the kids, while the real momsters are set to be well, the monsters. Good..so the kids get abundance of love even when the real moms have hormonal issues or psycho issues or whatever..(seem to come a lot from MY household).

We tease each other mercilessly..but our words never hurt. Instead, all the teasings always leave me feeling toasty warm inside. Now that Gooly is older, he has somewhere (not from me #innocent) picked up naughty cheeky stuff to say like, "Old women nobody want to kidnap lah" - telling his godma not to worry abour her safety. I actually laughed out loud when my bestie told me about it cos she was at the verge of saying, "Niemah," or was it "Cilaka", i cannot remember.

And the other mom wanted to choose a bag which later Lolly can inherit. I suggested a Chanel for my own benefit. But she didnt buy it (my idea and bag). But the thought of giving it to her god daughter, Lolly is really nice.

Two besties..what else could i ask for? :-)

A Chanel, maybe. :p

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