Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chut chut

This is not the first time - she chucked her chutchut, we cant find it, we panicked, she's cool...that is till her bedtime!

D'oh! She cant sleep without her chut chut! So i rushed out to buy a new pair but they ran out of 6-12 months size in pink. Damnit, you silly advent chut chut! Had no choice but to get the smaller sized ones..dont think theres much difference.

Double d'oh! Of course there is a diff, mom! The colour, taste, length, picture are all not the same, mom! She took a look, smiled politely, and threw it on the floor.

Maybe its time to quit cold turkey...

But i did shove it into her mouth, regardless. She ptui-ed it out. And then she tossed and turned, and writhed with agony, white foam appearing at the corner of her mouth (my imagination). And the she started her pitiful cries....


I picked her up. Cuddled her a bit. Put her next to me. 3,2,1.. She was asleep!

I am so important in her life, aint it? Much more important than the silly pink silicone thing.

I picked her up again. Kissed her three times. Gosh, she is so cute when not shouting (in her car seat).

The new chut chut remains out of her mouth.

Is that it? Bye bye, chut chut?



tasy said...

nooo!!!! according to child psychotrist, chut chut is THE most important element in their first 12 years! throw them away before it, they will grow up unbalance. uhm...imbalance. err... enbalance.

Small Kucing said...

bye bye chutt chutt...else gigi come out senget

goolypop said...

This proves that u r not my loyal reader, tasy! She is 14 mths liao!!

Kuching, ok ma..become 8-liong-gum...kakakkaa.

Mamapumpkin said...

You guys crack me up plenty.


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