Friday, June 1, 2012

Musical fountain

The other day, we went to Promenade, a new place not quite near town for lunch. We ate some kick ass local food dadedoo...*fast forward to musical fountain outside*

I can't remember if I have ever seen a musical fountain. I'm over thirty years old, I gotta have, right? But somehow, there isn't any distinct memory of ever visiting one.

At the first sight of the fountain, I wasn't particularly impressed. It was in a circular shape, water sprouting from little holes on the ground. And then I saw some teenagers running into the centre of the fountain ring, shrieking when their uniforms got sprinkled. I remember thinking, "Crazy kids."

After walking round and round and observed a bit, I realized (duh) that people were running in and out of water when the music tempo was slow. Hey..that was pretty fun. So I grabbed gooly's hand and made a dash when we deemed it was safe to do so.

Right at the nucleus of the fountain, it hit me....that it was indeed beautiful. I twirled..kinda...or rather turned around around and around, watching the water shoot 10 feet high (or more)all around me, totally in sync with the classical music, which boomed even more clearer inside the circle.

I looked for gooly only to have heard his boyish laughter obviously tickled by the droplets of water threatening to pour on him. The water teased us joyfully, shooting high when the music tempo escalated, and then low as the music slowed. I imagined the hands of a conductor busy conducting the orchestra.

I imagined living in the sea.

(I imagined being a mermaid.)

It was a magical experience. To have danced with the water and my son, to the music of Bach and Bethoven, giggling to no end.

Yet another wonderful memory of Bangkok.


Musical Fountain said...

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tasy said...

"crazy woman"..

i din say that. really.


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