Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Makan date

My best makan pal is gooly. Ok ok, you too...but today i wanna talk about my special dates with my son.

With the ongoing ruckus from the lil lolly, its hard to have chats with gooly. So i arrange dinner or lunch dates with him sans lolly. So i can listen to his tales. I love his tales.

He told me about a girl with 24 colour pencils, who kept repeating that she has 24 colour pencils,

"i have 24, you only got 12," she went on and on.

(how about getting another 24 and you get 48 and we can call you 48 poh!)

And gooly was not a bit fazed with the 24 colour pencils. He brings 12 in a tattered box even though he has hundreds at home. Watching the so called famous you tube clip of My Generasi, I know, colour pencils are a biggie at school. I am glad that gooly couldnt care less about that. Luckily he didnt start to add more colours or insist on a new box.

"I just kept quiet. And she went on and on about her 24 colours from first period, second period...until after recess, still saying the same thing...tsk tsk tsk..." he shook his head.

Maybe he should sing, "You dont impress me much~~~"

And he showed me a jelly, which he initially received three from his bahasa teacher for scoring his ejaan tests. He ate one for recess, gave one to his pal, and kept the last one for his cuz. He could have eaten all three, but he didnt. (He could have given me one, but he didnt. But i am not gonna gripe on that!)

And then he said his friend said there is a new hit song. And he sang, "L.U.V Mcdonald!" teeheeeee! Madonna will be mad yo!

And today, i talked and he listened. I told him that i have the best mom in the world.

"Mom, i think you learned from your mom. Thats why you are the best too. You learned from your mom. And i learn from you. And meimei learn from me."

Ahh...he got the equation right.

I love talking to him cos he makes a lot of sense than a lot of other people.


Gargles said...

eat mcdonald ah? ramly burger better la.

Winn said...

i have poo dates with my son...every morning and night at the park

Winn said...

i have poo dates with my son...every morning and night at the park


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