Thursday, September 13, 2012

Of feathered fowls (not really)

Gooly became a ranger of the Bird Park this year, thanks to a dear friend who paid member ship for him as a meaningful and thoughtful birthday present. This means that he can join their holiday programs all through the year.

The first one was held earlier this year, right after his birthday. But i was utterly busy during that period doing renovation of my palace and caring for the supreme diva of the household - the miss lollypop, whom if i am not mistaken was about to turn one around that time, which means i was also planning her birthday party (ahaks! As if it was a grandiouse event).

But being mindful not to neglect my buddy gooly, i registered him for the holiday camp nonetheless. On that day, something cropped up (the contractor showed up shirtless with 6 pack muscles to show) that i had to dash to the house immediately after i dropped gooly off at the park.

Yep! Dropped in..ok, stay safe, dont let the birds bite your birdie, bye bye..vroooom....

Ok-lah... The program stated that parents MAY tag along if they dont need to save the world..but because i just (had to look at those rippling muscles)had to resolve some logistic problems (oklah! I was trying to make it sound important but the truthh is i was just there to open the door for the contractor lah!). So, i just let him go on his own, citing "independence" as some character building agenda (again, like very important obejctive like that)

Before i left (of course i didnt just vrooom-ed off), i took a shufti around to see who were joining the program. Alas, i saw a lady with two kids and unabashedly explained that i am leaving my baby.. I mean, my son so that he can ahem..learn to be independent, but could she please keep an eye on him just to make sure that he doesnt wander off to the girls toilet. She said ok, bless her. We exchanged numbers..just in case (eg. a birdie bite his birdie).

In the duration of two hours, this kind lady updated their activities via smses. And one that made me migthily pleased and proud is that she thought gooly was very well -mannered and carried himself well. She told me also that he was jotting down notes and drawing birds! And not shy at all to show her the masterpieces. Of course she was being awfully nice and kind with words. I am so lucky i keep meeting random awesome people!

I picked him up right on time, as promised. And he proudly showed me his little notebook with pages of hand drawn birds (which looked like aeroplanes) and info about pelicans.

He enjoyed himself thoroughly. And i have just registered him for another program next week.

(actually upon receiving the notification from the park about the upcoming camp that i was reminded of what happened during his first experience as a ranger. Its worth noting down..this little story about his independence and pleasant review from a kind stranger. You didnt think i was really gonna talk about *yawn* birds, did you?)


tasy said...

no need to be shy... tell everyone i'm one of those awesome people you found.

goolypop said...

Classic example of tarak faham bahasa ingeris...


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