Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Appeasing the soul

Gooly almost never get angry at Lolly. Almost.... Most of the time, he thinks and says she is tooooooo cute to be angry at.

But there was this one time......he got really upset. With her. Teary eyed. Shouting mode. Crazy hand movements. No Middle finger yet.

It was because she bit him. Yes! Bit him right at the chest! Just like Mike Tyson. All because he tried to refrain her from climbing the stairs.

If not for the teethmark, i would have burst out laughing. Ok..maybe i did. A little. Until i saw how hurt he was.

So what did i do? "Aiyah, never mind la. She is still a baby" is not really fair. And "You crazy girl! Why did you bite taw-taw?" would have gotten a (cute) impish smile from her. Complete with a 90 degrees head tilting to the side trademark look of hers.

So i took gooly by surprise by grabbing his hands to the back dramatically while saying, "Sabar, abang...sabar. Jangan..jangan pukul adik." Just like a P. Ramlee cereka-drama. It took him a while to realise that i was acting out a scene. And he burst out laughing.

Now that he wasnt so upset, i proceeded to suggest evilly about selling her sister off since there was a pasar malam that day. And also to put her high chair at the corner so she would have breakfast alone the next morning. Facing the wall. Or we could also let her sleep alone, putting her milk powder and bottle at her side so she could make HER OWN milk.

He didnt agree of course. Scolded me even for suggesting.

"You not angry at her anymore?"

"Nah..she is too cute" and he looked over at her, just in time to catch her tilting her head to the side and flashed the silliest smile.

....and we lived happily ever after. Once again.

Till the next Mike Tyson WWF Championship...

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