Monday, August 27, 2012

I wish i have a bro like that..

I was assigned to drive harry potter to school today, because we predicted he would have post holiday trauma.  And Gooly was assigned to wake me up, because we predicted that i would sleep till the sun shines on my butt, as per norm.

And then gooly  went up to summon the prince.

When he they came down, i saw that gooly was carrying the small fella's bag.

Then he asked, "Do you have water in your water tumbler?"

After receiving a nod, he proceeded to check the container. Seeing that it was empty, he went to the kitchen to retrieve a gardenia waffle.

He then asked, "Do you know how to open the wrapper?"

Harry said no.

So gooly tore open the wrapper and tucked the square waffle nicely into the container. And he reminded him that it is in the front pocket.

All set, we went to school.

My bros didnt care for me that much when i was in kindie.


Small Kucing said...

very sai sum

tasy said...

Cannot la like that. True men are raised without water and food in school.

Anonymous said...

you trained him well. and he takes after you. :)


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