Friday, July 20, 2012

Lolly dances

...welll, sort of.

Everytime my mom sings, "london bitch is falling down..falling down..", she rolls her arms round and round., leave the singing to me, the karaoke queen, ok?

And the rolling arms are for "Wheels on the bus" -lor...

Apart from that, the rest of the actions for the other nursery rhymes are aptly done.

"Head and shoulders, knees and toes" - she'd touch her head at the start of the tune....err...until the end of the song.

"if you are happy..." of course is done with many out of sync claps.

"happy birthday" is accompanied by very very big smiles...and claps, too.

She hates twinkle twinkle. She would ask me to stop by shaking her head. Cos she thinks its a nap-time song.

Let's get the party started, yeah~ lets get the party started- oh~ everyday im shuffling...ah, when shall we sing this?

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