Thursday, September 13, 2012

That wonderful feeling

Papah and i were having a very meaningful conversation about what will happen when (not IF) we strike the lottery. I just had to share with him that my mom has decided to divide the sum of one million equally amongst us siblings. To top that, papah said he will bring me to some fancy boutiques to buy as many bags as my milipede hands can carry.


And then i was watching some silly tvb series at 7pm. Gooly came to me and announced that his uhm...equally silly cartoon starts at 7.30pm. But but my show finishes at 8!! So i pouted. But that didnt last long cos the show was i was laughing and grinning. Seeing that, my dear gooly said, "Seems like you are enjoying your show. Never mind la, i let you watch."


And then lolly came down with mouthful of nuts. She loves nuts. Seeing me, she smiled, ran to me, gave me a super tight hug, and put her finger in her mouth to "liew" some crushed nuts and offered them to me. I said no thank you. But she insisted and shoved them in my mouth. It tasted ironically sweet.


Triple syokness in the month of september!


tasy said...

not to say what, but those news about some lucky winners winning the jackpot... is just a gimmick.

goolypop said...

Not to say want to challenge you, but we will win damajiok, magnolia, and dodo!


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