Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lolly in a bottle?

just a little after the 13th month...She is toddling well now. She swings her arms back and forth, back and forth when she circles around the house, making her look like an old lady doing a rountine senam robik. It could be that she is immitating my mom. I must say she is cheeky enough to copy the most un-childlike actions, like walking with a limp (my mom does when her arthiritis attacks.)

She is always busy, walking into the kitchen, out from the dining, into the room, etc. If the toilets are not locked, she would love to venture the mini waterworld. We were, still are in fact, worried that she falls off the step that separates the living hall from another hall, which happens to be her utmost favorite spot in the house. She eats her bread, takes a rest, talks on the phone while sitting there. She has fallen before, inevitably raising big bungalow bumps on her forehead. But now she has gotten the hang of it. She even kinda deviced her own "step route" - up one way (holding the wall), and down another (holding the banister).

She says "daddiiiih" but we have always referred the father as papa. So..we are not sure if she is really calling dadddih for sure. But it has happened numerous times. "Daddddiiih~~" with outstretched hands towards the suspect, who melted into a messy glob upon hearing the sweet calling.

"Taw-taw" is kinda confirmed. But sometimes its "Ohhwaaa" when she shouts for him from downstairs (immitating me, I believe. Harrumph!)

The other night, it was "Mmaamaa". Twice. It was so sweet, so unexpected, so tender. And she hugged me around the neck, tight. I scooped her up, feeling so high, and asked that she calls Mmammaa again. She didnt. And hasnt since then. Harrumph! Was that just a preview?

I love watching her play with taw-taw. She likes putting her face so near to him that either one would faint if the other has halitosis. She looks at him in the eyes. They head butt each other, sometimes with her hands under his chin, until they break into a ruckus laughter.

Sometimes she just walks over to us, and rests her head on us. And we stop whatever gambling activities we were partaking, to give her massive hugs. She likes them. These hug-till-your-ear-wax-is-squeezed-out cuddles.

Just now, she was munching on her rice cracker, surveying the room, as per norm. She picked up her caterpillar teether (which she never chews on), walked over to the book cabinet, tossed the cracker on the floor, opened the cabinet door,shoved the teether inside. And bam! She closed the door, with a triumphant look. I said, "Well done!" and I clapped. I clapped and clapped. So did she, with a very proud smile. She then picked up her cracker to eat again.

It was a very simple thing to do. Picking up something to keep (albeit at the wrong cabinet) (and then continue eating.) But it was so fun to watch her. In fact i wished i had video taped the whole series of actions.

I think this is what they call "simple joy"? I must say thank you to you, lolly for this everyday simple joy. The way you smile, and laugh, the way you tilt your head a little when you are shy, the way your mouth is pouty when you just wake from a slumber - they give me so much joy.

Now, where do I find a magic bottle to keepsake every ounce of your cuteness?

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