Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lolly at 20 months

Of late i realised that lolly has turned over a new leaf. I think she reads this blog and finally understood what i felt all this while. Not to say that she was "that" bad a kid, but i supposed compared to Gooly...lets just say i have it easy with him. Or maybe i havent remembered every thing well, only the rosy parts. If that is the case, i must give myself a big pat on the butt for successful selective memory.

Ok so... Lolly, i would say...is a rambunctious kiddo. While it was fun to watch ( a little) her stubbornness, cheekiness and divaness, a part of me wanted her to be sweet and gentle. Lets face it, she will go straight to jail by age 4 if she continues to behave and believe that she is the daughter of Godfather 1,2,3,4 and 5. Or that she rules the world universe. I am so afraid that she will grow up kicking cats and all!

I wanted her to kiss me, and not say "NYO" just because that is one of her few almost phonetically correct words she can utter.

I wanted her to say please and thank you and sorry or at least show the same gestures, like all children should in their everyday life.

(there was once she stepped on my toe -physically, and her cries were louder than my yelp. I taught her how to say sorry. But she just cried snd cried like i have scolded her unreasonably. Well, my mom asked why did I scold her unreasonably! Applause..
applause.. sombebody give my daughter an over acting award please)

After reading my blog, I pressume...she finally gets it - how should a kid behave. Either that or my patience works. I held my tongue everytime i wanted to scold. I spoke to her in a mumsy way. You know, I listened to my own voice in home videos, i can puke at my own high pitch - all darling - ilafu voice when speaking to her. Gag!

I dont scold unless its about respect and manners. Every other mischielfs, i just bear and grin it. "Can you (effing) not swim on the (effing) floor cos its (effing) dirty, sweetie mushroom dingadum darling poopsie pie?" (censored expletives at tip of tongue in parenthesis)

For now, it kinda works. Ooh..the following parts is what i want to rave about!

Ok..hear this *excited*, she walks out of the lift and says 'tatu' to whoever holding the door. And she does it with a slight bow. Teehee!

And she accidentally hit me, ran off crying to her papah (like she was the one kena hit), ran back to me, kissed my wounded heart, sayang-ed my actually-not-so-painful finger. Awwww!

When i say, "Kiss mummy!" she would! And i ask for a couple more, she would oblige. With the biggest smile! And tightest hug! *heart melts*

Sometimes she stirs in her sleep, calling out "Ai!" and when sees or hears me, she smiles and lets out a chuckle, and goes back to sleep.

Its little things like these that make me know for sure that she likes me..loves me.

And the biggest joy is that she is eating more...with proper utensils! No more sweeping food onto the floor, or feeding the dog. She munches happily, and throws in compliments like "Hmm..naish."

Im loving my lil lollypop more n more.

To age 2 and beyond...!!


tasy said...

helloh? you forgot how you angry with gooly for insisting his bread with peanut butter jam??? i still remember, ok!

goolypop said...

It wqs peanut butter jam in triangular shape served with beer!


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