Sunday, February 19, 2012

She understands

I remember...

..the first "conversation" I had with with Gooly. He must have just turned one. It took place in the kitchen in the new mooban we just moved in. He didnt say much, but demonstrated that he could understand what I was saying. No, no.lit wasn't those "Where is your tongue?" kind of game cos I think those are more rote memorization rather than proper understanding.

So that day, i asked if he was still coughing, and he shook his head. And I said, then we can have ice cream. He said, "Yeaaah!" while lifting his arms up in the air jubilantly.

And we have been communicating since then.

Today I had the first "communication" with Lolly. No, no...not the "where is your head" routine which I am sure she is getting tired of showing us.

My phone beeped, signalling an incoming sms. "Oh, mummy's phone!" I announced to her for no apparent reason. She looked at me, and crawled towards the beeping sound. Stopped midway, turned around to look at me. And I said, "Where's mummy's phone?"

And she gingerly placed her palm on her ear.

She knows what a phone is.

But of course she didnt know where it was.

I smiled, and like the fact that she takes interest in whatever nonsense I am telling her.


dr sinkaringam said...

now this is weird. becos u dun pick up calls and smses.. i was thinking u left ur phone in narnia all these while..

goolypop said...

Mow this is weird.....becos u also dun call me one la..!

(except that one time when you got stuck at toll sg besi without money)


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