Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost 16 months

I reckon one could say Lolly is independent. She sees something she wants, she will figure out a way to get it. She climbs to reach for things (she shouldn't be touching), she tears open packages (that includes a yogurt cup with a paper lid), she snatches (gasp!), and of course, manja her way too. All in all, she has very good motor skills. Even a random ahpek at the park complimented her for climbing well.

For someone who is so busy (dunno do what), she is just not bothered to learn to talk. She says "dehdii" for most things, and i do think that it means "dirty". *shrug* i could be wrong.

And then there is "pappu" for apples.

And niau....niau...i tell you. She sounds exactly like a puddy tat that i look around expecting to find Sylvester everytime she makes that sound. And yes, there is a cat always hiding in an obscure place.

She calls mah, tawtaw, papapa but no Mummy yet. Hmmph!

For someone who speaks so little, we can still have our mini conversations. Like i have just asked her to go to sleep (seriously, is there any other things to talk about with a toddler?). She shook her head and threw out her buddy-pillow out from her cot. And she went, uh -oh. Cute.

And she said Papapa, missing him obviously.

When i said Papa is not home, she pointed at his (handsome, ahem) picture hung on the wall, along side with his (lovely, ahem) wife.

I smiled and said it's late.

She lied down and asked for pats on her bum, by patting herself first.

Also, she seems to like to play on the keyboard. Everyday she sits and composes songs, tuning the volume up and down, changing the instrument selections and adjusting the tempos. She looks more like a DJ at work actually. Ahaks!

There are times she holds her hands out, asking for a dance. Once she holds mine, she'd look for tawtaw. Together, we form a circle and boogie ourselves silly. She has quite a few sognature moves. From cutesy up-down movements, she has incorporated some rock moves which involve a bit of head banging and jumping jacks.

Just for the record, she was monstrous last week. Cutting a few teeth at one go made her super cranky! She wanted to be carried all the time, it seemed i grew a siamese baby at the hip. Yikes!

She is an unpredictable time bomb. Lovely as hell somedays, monstrous at others. 100% female species,eh? Woohhooo!

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tasy said...

so, you are the very femes "lovely wife" laa... someone mention quite a lot about you on some (hamsup) blog.


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