Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saying hello after 10 years

Recently, i received an email bearing a super bad news - a uni friend has lung cancer stage four.

Now, this friend is not someone whom I was close to during my four years in uni. We graduated, got married, worked, had kids - without contacting one another. But i was sad to hear that piece of news.

So i picked up the phone and called her. Awkward it may seem, but dialed, i did. A simple, hello, how are you doing? And most importantly, "I'd like to help. If you need errands done, tell me. If you need transport, call me."

And she graciously accepted the offers.

Sometimes, we are shy, awkward, embarassed, cynical etc. We wonder, "What if she is not up to it? What if she needs rest? What if we are disturbing?"

Well, then let the person tells us. And we just wait till we are needed.

Sometimes we are too busy to help or offer kindness cos we have family, work, tv, dog, cat,etc.

Well, then life sucks. But life sucks generally.

Hence, a little compassion, kindness and love help. Spare some, why dont ya?

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