Thursday, December 6, 2012

One of those days..

Today is one of those days that i looked at my daughter's face, and marvelled at her cuteness. Mind you, it is not always like that. Yes, daughter..very often i look at you and throw my hands up in the air in exasperation. Like the time you didnt want to wear your diaper (as always), saying NYO! in a very opinionated tone. I asked what do you mean will shee shee on the floor? You calmly walked into the toilet and pointed at the WC. Oh, i would applause, really if only you dont uhm...stand and pee.

*throws hands in air in exaperation*

ok, that aside...

You were really good today. *smilze* you woke with the cheeriest smile and you ate egg toast. Oh jolly good. There were days you refused cheese, yogurt, bread, anything the butler served. You wallopped some noodles for lunch with your favourite snack, edamame (that you never say NYO). I was impressed with your appetite. Come dinner, you ate almost a whole corn with some soup, sea weed junk-snack and a mini bun. You just grew another stomach, eh?

In between, we went swimming and took a nap together. Heck, you even allowed us to put you on the stroller to the pasar malam nearby. Despite being rather limited with vocabulary, you do astonish me with your observation. It's like you know how I roll. You take off my spectacles, arrange the pillow exactly the way I do - to 'ajak' nap time.

And you smiled at me so much. With your head cocked slightly. And your fringe is longer, so we put a pin, and it always makes your face rounder with your chin edgier. oh how i love to kiss the tip of your chin. It tickles you so much, your laughter echos through space.

And when you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. :)

I admit there were days that i do get mad at you. You are so stubborn, strong willed...naughty! And i know shouting, scolding dont work for you. I make a conscious effort to talk nicely to you and to be more patient.

You have a shirt that says "Naughty girls need to be loved too!" I so know that! And I so strongly believe that.

And today, its just one of the realised that you need not to whine or cry to get something...that you need not to be naughty to get attention, perhaps?

Naughty or nice, 'ai' still loves you. But being the latter makes it so much easier.

Its really simple, girl. You already have a cute face. Just continue having fun without driving other people up the wall. You can do it!

Nike says so.


tasy said...

In other words, one of those days your tai-yi-ma went for holiday.

goolypop said...

She so young got period oredi keh?


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