Friday, July 20, 2012

The elephants shirts

Last christmas,
i gave you my heart,
But the very next day..
You gave it away.

Ah....George Michael. I do sound like him, dont i?

Where was i?

Ah yes, last christmas...

Someone bought us, all four of us, a set of family t-shirts bearing the animal icon of the kingdom of Thailand - elephants!

Papah wouldnt wear his, so it became mine. I'd wear them at home as they are comfy. Now here's the thing- Gooly absolutely loves his. Not because it's comfy or that he fancies the animal with a dick on his face. It's because he likes wearing matching shirts with either lolly or me. I have lost lolly's (washed down the drain, i suppose or chewed by the mad dog of ours). So now, its just mine and his.

And everyday......he would dick, ....dig his out from the laundry basket and wear it with me. And every time i wear mine, he would change whatever he is wearing into the matching piece.

It's an endearing way.

I like how he smiles reallllly big when he gets to wear OUR shirts together. Proud gituu... Im gonna find more matching ones. :) Hello Kitty, maybe?

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