Friday, October 19, 2012

After 19 mths..

She finally acknowledges me by calling me..not the typical ma, mom, mama, mummy...

She calls me "HI".

That's like one step above "Oi" (fml)

I didnt kmow she was calling me at first..she just walks in the room and calls out, "hi~" in her cute stitch voice.

Of late, its hi! Hi! Hi! When she sits in her carseat wanting my attention.

Or, "hi-hi-hi-hi" in a super loud crying voice when the dog barks and she searches for me for a hug.

Or, "hi! Ayu?" (translation: mom, where are you?)

I dont know how long she will "hi" me.

Strangely if you ask who is mommy, she points correctly at me. She calls kungkung, nainai, yeye, kuku, papa (oh! Her favourite), owa....

And all i get is a "hi"

Nah..i didnt swear during my pregnancy ah....not my fault ok that she is one tone almost to being vulgar..


tasy said...

you no swear during pregnancy... you type lots of swear words during online chat leh.. ha! you think mm kwan si leh??!!

goolypop said...

Evidence! Or it didnt happen! Kou lei wai pong..


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