Tuesday, August 7, 2012

She's talking

Well...sort of.

Nah..it shouldnt be called talking. Its just lots of grunting noises and body gestures. She is trying to communicate, no doubt.

Here is one episode of Charade which took us awhile to figure what she was saying. Thank goodness Gooly was good (damn good,i should say) at guessing actions.

So i was holding the ipad. And she came over, wanting to watch something. I was doing something (looking at LIn Dan's booBs) and wasnt really ready to switch user. But she was adamant, making ah ah ah ah sounds, grabbing my sleeve. I looked at her and asked stupidly what she wanted.

She "miked" her hand (holding her fist as though holding a mike) and placed it near her nose, and gave a blow. Pppppbbbbthh.

Oh that was something new. Usually she just goes ah ah ah ah until you guessed corrctly what she wanted (about a hundred tries, if you sre lucky). So i paid her more attention.

"Bubbles? You want bubbles?"

She shook her head.

And then she stomp her foot.

And blew her fist again.

And said, "ting kiu." She always thank us in advance when she needs a favour.

We laughed cos she was so cute. But didnt know what she meant. And suddenly Gooly said, "Do you want the Elephant Steps song?"

She nodded her head. Real hard!

So, the blowing fist was her mimicking an elephant trumpeting with its trunk!

Horray for korkor for understanding her so well! She was so pleased that she kissed the ipad the moment the song started.

Aiya..cute dou sei...

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tasy said...

yawor! gooly really cute doe sai.


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