Sunday, April 15, 2012

We moved

Well..kinda, as i am still "based" in my mom's place more often than not. And the strangest and also the coolest thing is...our house has no television. There is a nicely built tv cabinet. Empty. Kinda intentional. Kinda because we have walked in to many electrical shops many times to look at the television sets only to walkout empty handed. We just couldnt decide on one, cos i think, we dont really need/want one. I just give up watching tv, everytime after a baby comes along (not thhat many times..just twice, to be exact). Papah does, but it's those mindless stares at the idiot box cos there is nothing better to do. Lolly just wouldnt sit still, still, and gooly...well, he is OK without watching it, say for 36 hours (the longest streak). And Harry Potter the tv addict asks, "Your new house still got no tv ah?" a million times already. Nope. Uh-ah. No tv, no astro. So what do we do? There are hundreds of books to read. Many colour pencils to draw. Thousands of ideas to imagine. Millions of things to say to each other. Endless laughter to share. And oh..we have no wifi too. Not yet! We are not eschewing technology totally. And we got a new reachable Celcom number. ;-)

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tasy said...

moved back to stay in the jungle haimai?


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