Tuesday, December 4, 2012

North bound

I feel obligated to blog, or to put it more aptly, to remember about this year's trip to our 2nd home, Bangkok. Since we went back to Msia in 2009 (i think), we have returned every year and i have never written anything for i fear the memories wil be bitter-sweet. I have never wanted to leave Bkk, and thus the bitterness but now i have accepted the fact that I have, and have fondly embraced the idea that Bkk is a yearly getaway. No need to be a sour grape already.

Ok, so this year we are here for 6 weeks. Our visiting visa is valid for only 30 days though. So it's another adventure we will brave through to get our passports stamped. Yet to plan where to exit and re-enter though. *grin

More about that later, i am sure.

To begin with, our flight to bkk was a smooth one. Mainly cos i prayed so hard that Lolly wouldnt hijack the plane or terrorise the other passengers. She fell asleep despite it being a 7pm flight. Phew! But of course before that, whilst waiting, she was running a marathon, and threw in some stunts of jumping over (and tripping) over people's bags. *pretend not to be her mom mode auto-on*

Gooly, needless to say (but still wanna say) was the greatest Manny on earth. He helped with all the luggage and grudgingly helped to 'control' the babe-ster. Sometimes he laughed (like when she fell flat on her face),sometimes he was amused (like when she called every white-haired male "kong kong" ) but mostly he was slightly embarassed and mang-chang with her antics (she was playing mahjung on the floor).

Meanwhile, i was praying fervently that her energy level will plumment down to zero upon entering the plane.

And it did! *cues music for "the eye of the tiger"

And then i took time to thank gooly for his help..and his patience. I woudlnt have made it without him, seriously.

In retrospect, the whole evening wasnt that bad. I'm just making her sound like a horror-terror cos i am sure there were times that she was one crazy tot and i have not written it down.

Then again, it could be im finally getting used to her antics. Nothing shocks me anymore (the stunts that she partakes). Heck, i am a pro at turning on "who is this kid? Somebody call the SPCA already!" look now.

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tasy said...

i know where to get stamp. post office la, duh!


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