Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ok, this new blogger layout is a bit wonky, or rather i do not know how to use it yet. So i tried to edit some stuff and lost the last post. Bleh!

Anyways, i was just writing about how cute this lolly is.

This morning she woke slightly earlier than her usual 11 hours slumber cos she needed to poop. It was "all rise and shine" thereinafter. She asked for mumum, and happily munched on her cheesy bread at the step. Her pudgy legs touching the floor, making the step, an ideal spot for her mumum place. Her face broke into happy smiles at every bite she took.

Kakak came shortly afterwards. Surprisingly she waved hello as a welcome gesture. Kakak carried her, and she allowed it. Surprise surprise.

She got cranky soon, showing signs of sleepiness. I asked her to go get her pillow and chut chut and *roar* GO TO SLEEEP!! She made sure her displeasure was shown by making disgruntling sounds while waking tipsily to her cot to retrieve her paraphenalia.

It was too cute that, as usual, i couldnt stay angry at her for long. But then, angry isnt the right word. More like "mang", geram..in a "bite-her-thigh" way.

13 months of laughter, with my girl.

More to come, i am sure.


tasy said...

ok, first, you need a title for a post... something in the line of...

One fine 7-jo-8-jo too early in the morning,

Mamapumpkin said...

I'm still crazy in love with both my girls. Like crazy!!! I know what you mean.


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