Friday, May 25, 2012

My wamby mamby bunny

For awhile, Lolly was a little rough. She punches the wall, and screams, I'm always hungry (or was it angry?)rawrrrrr! Teehee. Kidding. She just liked to pull of my specs. I didn't like it at all.

She also pinched or dug her her nails real deep into your skin. For kicks.

To top of everything, she didnt do kisses. You can ask, beg, bribe...uh-uh..she wont give you a peck. It started of a blur face - "buat dunno" like she didnt kmow what a kiss is, no matter how many times you have demonstrated what a kiss (with bad breath and all) is like. and then she upgraded to
head shakes - albeit a little cuter at this stage cos she threw in some shy smiles, but we felt rejected nonetheless.

So what did i do? For those punches..I mean pulling specs stunts, i gave very stern warnings. Carrying her near face level was not as enjoyable as she can be very swift with her "lightning" hands.

And hoped and hoped that this gangster attitude phase passes quickly..that she will be a loving bunny wabbit soon. she voluntarily kissed me, three times! Like this -

1. I went out, came home, swooped her up, carried her at the hip, careful to place my face 100 inches away because i was in specs. She cupped my chin, turned it to her, and moved her lips to mine. Awwwww~

2. She woke from her nap, crawled to me (also napping..well, pretending i guess cos i was still wearing my specs). She tapped on the glassed gently, and smiled as though telling me 'yes, momma, i know i was notti for yanking your specs last time, which was yesterday actually') and then she inched closer, putting her head side by side with mine, on the same pillow, and muakkk..another kiss!

3. Cant remember! But it was lovely as hell!

She is really a charmer..when she drops her "i punch you" Incredible Hulk persona. Oh well, she is usually like that ONLY in the morning, prior to her nap.

Not a morning person, I guess. Just like momma.



Anonymous said...

come, i nuzzle next to you.

goolypop said...

Come cold in this air cond room now..brrrr...


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