Sunday, December 16, 2012

Having a lil girl

Before lolly, there were many things i couldnt understand about girls. Born with a modicum of male hormones i couldnt stand many things about girls.

There are girlie things that i absolutely adore like little hair clips, bows, mary janes etc. But i coulndt stand frilly dresses, smallish useless bags, faux pearls, tiaras. Tutus are fine, though. Also, I couldnt fathom why girls need and want to play with freaky dolls or dress up as princesses. Gag! Gag! Gag! And i was suddenly diagnosed with Major Roll Eyes syndrome whenever i saw princess wannabes.

I know. I was so sick. I just needed a little girl to cure me of this strange anal illness.

And along came lolly. Ahhh...the giggly girl who loves shoes - the bigger the better. And bags! Atta girl! We shall share treasures together. She doesnt particularly like dresses. Or jeans. She prefers to be au naturale.. Is there a nude camp somewhere for lil babes? She dislikes any hair accesories but on some good days, she allows a simple clip on her fringe. And when that happens, i squeal....cos she looks soooo cute!

Very often, she rushes to attain any bags within reach (sometimes a plastic bag) before we head out. (Squeal again....cos its so cuteeeedee). And she hangs the bag around the elbow-line just like Jackie O. When the bags are too big (mine), she drags them on the floor. Blasphemy! Show some respect to bags, girl! And of course those bags were confiscated and placed back at the altar for worshipping purposes before more damage is done.

The other day, we went to the toys department. As usual, she played with the dinosaurs making realistic roaring sounds terrifying other little girls. I smiled a little. And then she walked towards some dolls. She kissed them, and rocked them, being all motherly (and cute, of course). And as we were leaving, she placed them back GINGERLY (a notable change) on the shelf and waved bai-bai. I was like "shut up and take my money! This girl needs all the dolls in the world!"

So i have over-come my anal-ness about girlie stuff. Not entirely. Princesses are still gag-able. But at the rate of cuteness she emancipates at every girlie activity or attire, i will be sold if she ever wanted a Snow-black dress complete with tiaras and make ups!

But before that comes...ewwwwwwww! At that tought. Yucks!

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