Sunday, August 26, 2012

Smooth operator

Thus far, gooly almost never got into trouble in school. The one "big" one i remember (forever) is the one he wanted to run out of the classroom and then demanded an apology from the teacher for scolding him. That was when he was in kindie. And since he got into primary school, the review has somewhat been "stagnant" - an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble.

Until a couple of weeks back..well, no no..he didnt get into trouble in school. Instead he got into big heaps of shit with me. No no..not that i was in the pile of shit with him, as in both of us were in trouble. He was in trouble WITH me. Ok, enough semantics!

So..i found that his handwriting was atrocious. Some homework undone. Ting xie with disastrous results! His lackadaisikal attitude fumed me big time! And i wondered, gasp! What other problems he may have at school...gangsterism, truancy, extortion, kicking teachers' car tyres and other illegal activities.

Thus, i went to the shcool to speak with the teachers.

"*insert real name, is an attentive boy who doesnt cause trouble."




What about his doctor's handwriting? (no offence, doc)

Him handing in homework late?

...and other work-attititude-related questions.

I forgot what the teachers said, but apparently he has been forgiven. Why? Because he says the right stuff, like, "I'm sorry, I wont do it again."

When a child says that, without being promted, a teacher would go, "'s ok. There ..there..go back to you seat. Next time dont do it again, ok?"

And gooly nodded solemly and gave an appreciative "thank you" and turned around...smiled to himself, feeling pleased. (I imagined lah)

Thats how he stays out of trouble. He will just remain low-key, polite and "attentive". So when he doesnt finish his homework, he'd always get a second chance. Unlike those who blatantly, defiantly disobey rules i.e Poking students with a fork, dipping girls pigtails into chili sause, etc.

I know, he is not all good. He is just smart enough to wiggle out of trouble.

So i walked out of school, reminding myself to check on his homework more regularly, despite his, "Yes, i have finished everything!" It may sound reassuring and convincing, but.....i already know you are a smooth operator, son...

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